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Tools and Software to Improve Content Marketing



Content marketing is extremely important to finding success as an eCommerce entrepreneur, as it is a highly effective way of recruiting new leads and can also be an effective way to reach new audiences and increase conversion rates. While it's no secret that content marketing is important, many business owners find themselves stumped about content after their first few weeks of content marketing.


Coming up with creative and relevant ideas has never been easy, however there are a number of tools on the web that can used to remedy this. One of the most popular is Feedly, which offers content ideas based on search results and relevancy. Feedly is an RSS reader that makes it easy to see and read all of your favorite blogs at once, making it far easier to find and collect ideas for relevant content.


TrendSpottr is another very useful tool for finding relevant topic ideas, as it analyzes current trends to identify which trends will come next, giving you an advantage when planning your content. It can list trending influencers as well as trending ideas and keywords, which makes it very useful in determining which content will be relevant in the near future.


After ideas for content have been laid out, the articles will need to be written, and they will need to be written efficiently. Posting hundreds of articles in a short period of time is no easy task, and there are a number of tools that can ease the process. 


One of the biggest issues many content marketers have when writing their content is finding and creating relevant images that will punctuate the article. This can take hours on end to do properly, however with EaseLly, the process is easier than ever. The tool makes infographics a breeze, and even the most creatively challenged individuals will find themselves making beautiful images in no time. The same can be said about Canva, which offers templates that can be made into relevant and creative content.


Images are only a part of content marketing, with the written content making up the largest majority of most shared content online. Not all entrepreneurs are talented writers, which can make it a challenge to create quality, grammatically correct articles to represent their brand. Thanks to the Hemingway Editor, anyone can create quality content free of grammar or spelling errors, as this program efficiently finds and highlights passages that may not makes sense, or that contain poor spelling or grammar.


The main problem many have with content creation is staying focused long enough to complete the task. Writing for hours and hours on end is not only painful for ones fingers, eyes, head, and back, but it can also be very difficult to concentrate on as the words begin to blend together and stop making sense. At this point, it can be easy to close the word processor and revert to watching videos on YouTube instead, but by using a a program like StayFocused, writers can more effectively keep themselves focused on the task at hand by purposefully restricting their access to other sites. 


Another helpful tool for staying focused is called Tomato Timer, which incorporates the famous Pomodoro technique into an easy to understand extension. Users can set a timer for how long they intend to work during one session, and then take a short break in between sessions. This has been shown to improve productivity, and is practiced by many successful business owners and writers.


Staying organized is also important to successful content marketing, as managing hundreds of documents, pictures, video, links, and other content can get overwhelming. One of the most popular organization tools is Trello, a free project management application that allows users to works as teams on projects. It can also be used to organize content into boards, which keeps everything organized and in its place.


Once great content has been created and organized, it's time to publish and promote the content. Promoting content manually can be an extensive and time consuming process, however automated programs can make the process somewhat easier by doing the majority of the promotion work for you. ContentMarketer.io is an excellent tool designed for streamlining promotion, as it searches influencers and their contact information based on the information your provide. This will give you a database of influencers to talk to about collaboration, making promotion easier than ever.


For those who prefer to promote on social media, Buffer is an absolute must, as it allows users to post to multiple platforms automatically. Keeping up with several social media platforms can be incredibly time consuming, but with a program like Buffer, it becomes far easier to reach each of your social media networks with ease. Twitter users will want to use Narrow.io as part of their promotion strategy, as it uses keywords to find accounts you may want to connect with. This can be used to not only find influencers, but find potential new followers.


Content marketing is important, but it doesn't have to be difficult. By using the above tools to the fullest, any company can being to see improvement with their content marketing strategy, and can begin to narrow down the time spent establishing a content marketing strategy.


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