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Conversion Rate Tips


The Oddit team is back with conversion rate tips for Jot – a killer DTC coffee brand.

Let’s jump in:

Oddit Tips:

Number 1: Be mindful of your design hierarchy –the product name is important, but not important enough to push key info downward.

We suggest reducing size drastically and pushing below product image.

Number 2: The Jot product is a game-changer –SHOW WHY!

Give users access to a secondary gif/video that shows the Jot product in action. It’s a new way to consume a common beverage, so take out the guesswork for people who don’t understand (see item 7 for clicked state).

Number 3: Once a user clicks the play button, let the .gif do a screen takeover without losing access to the page!

Number 4: Pull reviews together with your smaller headline and reduce your whitespace to create room for key content.

Number 5: Make actions easy to reach on mobile. If action buttons are short and in the middle, or too far to the left/right, they can be difficult to reach on mobile devices.

Make user engagement easy by ensuring key action buttons are full width on mobile.

Number 6: The risk-free trial you offer helps customers shop without stress –don’t let them miss it. Bring the guarantee directly below your buy now button

Number 7: Reviews (especially from recognizable people) can help build trust with users new to Jot.

Bring them up the page in some fashion and consider just pulling in a small version of the review. Just enough to pack a punch!

Number 8: If you’re only going to show 1 price on your product page, make it the lowest price! Jot is $18 per bottle when subscribing, so we suggest showing that rather than $24!

If you want these kinds of tips for your own site, start your own Oddit for free and improve your UX instantly!

Special thanks to our friends at Pilothouse for their insights on this topic.
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