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Managing an eCommerce business is no easy task.


When I first started blogging, I had dozens of WordPress plugins. Some designed to schedule and publish posts, others to manage my social media presence. Over time, all these plugins became hard to manage. Sometimes they wouldn't play well with each other, and I'd see my entire site go down before my eyes. Despite the issues, I thought these plugins were helping manage my to-do list and accomplish my goals more easily…


…then I found CoSchedule.


I hadn't realized how much an effective editorial calendar would help my business. Using CoSchedule, I can now set and achieve my weekly goals with ease. CoSchedule's interface is straightforward and painless, and I think every Shopify store owner and blogger should use it to manage their content strategy.


Let's talk about CoSchedule and how it can help your brand elevate its content marketing strategy. You might be surprised at just how much one service can change the scope of your business.


What is CoSchedule?



At its core, CoSchedule is an editorial calendar. The CoSchedule WordPress plugin is available for free, but you can access the tool's many premium features with an annual subscription.


Using CoSchedule, you can schedule your blog posts, manage your social media posts, and assign team tasks all from your WordPress dashboard. It helps your organize your to-do list and seamlessly put it into practice.


What Makes CoSchedule Different From Other Premium Editorial Calendars?


CoSchedule's features go above and beyond those found in other premium editorial calendars. In fact, most of their tools are unique to their service, and cannot be found elsewhere on the web. 


The Marketing Calendar


The marketing calendar is CoSchedule's primary feature. This feature provides the framework for the entire tool, and serves as its main function.


The main draw to CoSchedule's marketing calendar is its beautiful, straightforward user-interface. Planning, publishing, and promoting posts is as easy as dragging them into your marketing calendar. The best part? You can access this calendar right from your WordPress dashboard, so you won't have to visit multiple sites to create your publishing strategy. No longer will you forget which posts are scheduled and which need attention – using CoSchedule, all of these features are located in one centralized spot.


The Social Media Calendar




In addition to the marketing calendar, CoSchedule also features an all-inclusive social media calendar.


CoSchedule's social media calendar is the best on the market. You can publish your own content and content from other sources to each of your social media pages, all with the click of a button. You can schedule posts for the future as well, reducing the time you spend creating social media posts individually.


You can link CoSchedule to almost any social media platform. The tool currently supports:


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn


Unfortunately, Instagram's API doesn't allow for external sources to automate publishing, so you won't be able to access Instagram from CoSchedule. This is no fault of CoSchedule's however, as these rules come directly from Instagram themselves.


Even without access to Instagram, CoSchedule's social media calendar is a profoundly powerful tool. The best way to increase engagment on social media is to post regularly, and using CoSchedule, you can make it happen with relative ease.


The Headline Analyzer




Headlines are what drive readers to click on your post and see what's inside. Without great headlines, you might be missing out on significant traffic. With CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer, you'll never have to worry about ineffective headlines again.


The headline analyzer is as straightforward as can be: you enter the headline you had in mind, and CoSchedule gives it a rating. The tool breaks down why your headline is good or bad, and what you can do to make it better.


By using the headline analyzer, you can achieve more social sharing and improve your search engine ranking. This feature alone make CoSchedule worth having.


ReQueue: The Smartest Way to Automate Social Media


coschedule graph


Tired of manually scheduling your social posts? CoSchedule's got you covered, with their new ReQueue feature.


The ReQueue feature measures the performance of each of your social posts, and records which have the best record with your audience. After you've manually scheduled your posts for the week, ReQueue analyzes your most useful posts, and schedules them to be re-posted when a gap is available.


According to CoSchedule's reports, users get over 10 times more social clicks with ReQueue than with manual scheduling. By using CoSchedule, you can get the most out of your posts.


Final Thoughts


There are few online marketing tools quite like CoSchedule. With its plethora of features and easy-to-use interface, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better editorial calendar for your WordPress blog. No other WordPress plugin lets you plan your posts, publish them, and promote them from one platform, making CoSchedule the most convenient editorial calendar on the web. We highly recommend CoSchedule to anyone looking for a convenient and affordable content management tool. 



Do you use CoSchedule to manage your WordPress blog and social media? What has your experience with CoSchedule been so far? Would your recommend it to other bloggers and eCommerce store owners? Let us know in the comments below. 



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