Create Review Cards To Showcase Your Products And User-Generated Content


Do you have compelling reviews and photos from your buyers? Review cards are the best place to highlight this user-generated content on the review site. In each review card, you can include a review quote, star rating, product information, and a Call-to-Action (CTA) button linked to a product page. In this article, we’ll share two ways to create better review cards.

1. Find good reviews to feature in the review cards

The review cards are designed with a focus on your product images or customer review photos, so make sure to choose your best ones! In particular, we recommend creating review cards with photos of your products taken by past customers (if you have them) over stock product images. Having photos of people using your products in real life comes across as more genuine and make potential buyers more confident in their purchases.

One shortcut is to check the “Customer photos” section on the bottom left side of your store page. 

From there, you can see all your review photos (if you are on’s Awesome plan and enable the Reviews Photos/Videos). You can click on the left and right arrow to find the photos you like. 

Once you have scrolled through the photos and found your best reviews, you can copy some keywords from your selected review such as “awesome shoes!” or “nice design and very comfortable”. 

Then, go to your review cards settings and create a new card.

In the search box, paste the keywords you just copied from the reviews, press Enter/Return and you’ll see a list of reviews including these keywords. Choose the reviews you want, click Select and Continue, then finish other steps to create your beautiful review cards.

2. Review card vs. Product card: which one is better?

Our review cards come in two styles: review card and product card. You may ask: which one is better for me? The answer is: it depends on which parts of the reviews you’d like to emphasize.

A review card gives you a large space to feature a review quote, so this style is ideal if you want to display a long and informative review.

Example of a review card from Wraptie

Meanwhile, a product card lets you display the product name, price, and rating star, along with a shorter review quote than that of a review card. So, if you’d like to use the review cards to promote your products, try this style!

Example of a product card from Yaya Yoga

Besides creating cards, you have various options to customize your store page and make it look more appealing. Learn how to use your store page by uploading a logo, banner, and more!

Special thanks to our friends at for their insights on this topic.
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Design Agency Vs User-Generated Content: Which Is Better For Your Brand?

Design Agency Vs User-Generated Content: Which Is Better For Your Brand?

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Dotdigital Is Now ISO 27701 Certified

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