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How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Searches

A Human hand holding smart phone over a background with multicolored apps

A Human hand holding smart phone over a background with multicolored apps

With the advancement of features like Google Now, Siri, and Cortana, it's no surprise that voice searches have become very popular over the past several years. Voice searches provide users with a more convenient, intuitive way to find the information they need, making them an excellent alternative to traditional internet searches.


Voice searches differ from traditional searches in a number of ways, meaning you'll need to change your digital marketing strategy. We've put together 4 tips you can use optimize your website for voice searches:

1. Make the Most of Longtail Keywords

Longtail keywords are commonly searched for phrases that pertain to your content. For example, a post about graphic design may use “how to design a logo” as a longtail keyword – it's frequently searched for by internet users, and it's relevant to their niche.


Voice search favors longtail keywords because most voice searches contain phrases rather than individual keywords. We tend to say things in complete sentences – we might say “what time does the grocery store close?” instead of “grocery store hours” in our voice searches. This makes longtail keywords very valuable, and they must be part of your content if you wish to make the most of voice search SEO.


2. Be Prepared for Specific Search Queries

Most voice search users are very specific when saying their search query. They typically ask specific questions in search of equally specific answers.


Anticipate the types of questions users may search for that pertain to your store or website. If your store sells shoes, you might expect search queries like “shoe stores near me,” or “where can I buy tennis shoes in my city.” Include these questions in your digital marketing strategy in order to appeal more heavily to voice search queries.


3. Integrate Local SEO Strategies

Local SEO has evolved over the past five years, and it's more relevant today than ever before. If you own a brick-and-mortar store, local SEO is nothing less than vital to the success of your business. By optimizing your website for local search queries, your business is more likely to appear at the top of Google's results page when users make relevant searches in your area.


Local SEO incorporates a number of factors, but the best way to appeal to local SEO algorithms is through updated information about your business. Continually update your hours, and include the exact location of your store on your website. Ideally, you should have a Google My Business page containing specific information about your company. The more information you can provide, the more likely you are to show up on the first page of Google's results.


4. Prepare Your Website for Voice Search

Voice searches are commonly done when users need immediate information relevant to their question. Think about when you are most likely to conduct a voice search – it's probably when you need to know the hours of a restaurant or store, or when you need to contact a business with questions about their services.


Anticipating these moments of immediate need will play in your favor, if you integrate the right keywords and information into your store and website. Think about when your customer might have questions about your store, and answer them with information that relates to their search. You'll be favoring the types of searches commonly made using voice search, therefore your store or website will be ready for them.


What are you tips for voice search optimization? How has the growth of voice search impacted your digital marketing strategy? Let us know in the comments below!


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