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Custom Channels Open the Door to Endless Integration Opportunities

A vibrant background with interconnected lines and dots creates endless integration opportunities.
  • Only Zaius combines the customer visibility of a CDP, the marketing campaign functionality of an ESP, and data-science fueled analytics for deeper customer engagement.

  • Zaius assists B2C marketers to delight your customers at every interaction. Our solutions and resources are built to assist you to properly segment and personalize your marketing interactions, and ultimately design and deploy cross-channel campaigns to those customers.

    Zaius gets you the unified customer view you’ve wanted, the behavioral analysis you needed, and then in the same platform Zaius lets you design, build, and deploy customer activations. Not ‘spray & pray’ like a traditional ESP.

    With Zaius customer visibility integrated directly into your service desk you arm your service pros with the data they need to have deeper customer interactions, serve up product rec in real time, and increase overall satisfaction.

    Zaius makes it easy for marketers and merchandisers to feature and promote products, and with our robust data science create bespoke for your brand, product recommendations for each of your customers.

  • Zaius loves marketers! Having created the Assisted Marketing movement, Zaius provides marketers with the ability to creatively design and boldly deliver a customer-first experience. Our people are here to assist you however you might need.

  • Zaius collaborates with partners of all types in order to provide our clients with a cohesive customer-centric experience across their marketing, service and commerce organizations.

    Zaius integrates with the leading commerce, experience, and marketing platforms and technologies to unify customer data and activate customers everywhere.

    Agencies & System Integrators

    Our Agencies & System Integrators are experts in Zaius deployment & management, and offer a wide-array of additive marketing services for Zaius clients to benefit from. 


Alexandra Matheny

Customer data is at the center of a successful Marketing strategy in the Customer Era. But, of course, the recipe for success is not that simple: The data, across all the platforms Marketers use, needs to exist in one place and be actionable for creating relevance for customers. The good news is that Zaius is built to provide Marketers with that single, unified place where all customer data is ready for analysis, segmentation, and activation.

One of our 2020 goals is to make data activation to any source, system, or channel much easier, so that our users could send data existing in Zaius wherever they want to in their workflow. We’re excited to say that our recently released, new custom channel will allow you to activate your data through any system via APIs. Zaius users can now add a custom channel, via the API and Zaius Channels as a touchpoint, to one-time, behavioral, and transactional campaigns to deliver content or update attributes through any third-party provider with API access. This also means that users can send data over from any platform they have integrated into Zaius, even if the two don’t have a native integration between one another. For any pairing of apps in a Marketing stack, Zaius will act as the glue that holds all the pieces together.

Creating a custom channel in a campaign is as quick and easy as adding an email or SMS touchpoint. With minimal effort, users can create powerful integrations between their platforms, while also taking advantage of Zaius’ data science-powered insights and segmentation. Here are some of our favorite use cases:

  1. Connecting a Zendesk instance to Zaius to pass along information to a third-party loyalty or review platform, like LoyaltyLion. This integration would allow Marketers to suppress customers with open Zendesk tickets in campaigns asking for product reviews.
  2. Sending data from shipment providers to Zendesk, through Zaius, Support Teams can immediately pull shipping statuses for customers in their profiles.
  3. Informing a direct mail provider, such as Poplar, which customers entered the winback zone and triggering a campaign containing a coupon to re-engage them. 
  4. Informing other Marketing solutions, like retargeters, when an email has been sent to a user to accommodate frequency limiting across channels.
  5. Notifying an internal system of a user moving into a segment or having received a marketing message. Updating a customer’s SMS consent status after she opted in by sending a keyword is a great example.

Alexandra Matheny

Alexandra Matheny

Alexandra works in Product Marketing at Zaius. She loves storytelling as a way of demonstrating a product’s values and benefits to customers. She tends to laugh at her own jokes: Just join a webinar and see it for yourself!

© 2019 All rights reserved

This article originally appeared in the Zaius blog and has been published here with permission.

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