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CX Stories From The Frontlines: Seeing Results By Embracing Chatbots & Social DMs


We’re back again with some fresh CX stories from the frontlines. In case you missed it, check out our previous issue on the blog, recounting real life anecdotes on how businesses have solved their customer service challenges with the help of Kustomer.

In this month’s edition, we discuss meeting customers on the channels they prefer, leveraging conversational assistants to deliver pipeline revenue, and how Kustomer outperforms the competition globally.

Meeting Customers on the Channels They Prefer

Pura Vida Bracelets, a hand-crafted bracelets and jewelry retailer, was managing Instagram direct message support on a single cell phone. Soon after adding Instagram direct messages as a support channel via Kustomer, it surpassed chat to become their second most popular support channel. This backs up recent Kustomer research that revealed 64% of consumers enjoy talking to customer service via the same channels they communicate with family and friends on.

The customer reported that the DMs were easy to handle and that being able to easily track these tags was a major win for their business. Furthermore, they also appreciate being able to track the average first response time and customer satisfaction (CSAT). Their only regret was not implementing Instagram DMs as a support channel sooner.

Leveraging Conversational Assistants to Deliver Pipeline Revenue

A workplace safety app was laser-focused on solving customer issues via immediate live chat with an agent. After they placed a conversational assistant on their pricing page, they saw significant results.  It’s not surprising – chatbots can answer simple questions like order status or business hours, and direct customers to a help center if human intervention is not needed. They can also be used to gather initial information before sending a conversation to a live agent.

Oftentimes the most tedious tasks on an agent’s plate are manual and repetitive, and may not require any human intervention. Luckily intelligent automation can auto-populate useful data like contact information, or tag conversations based on things like issue type or location.

In the first 12 weeks of the chatbot being active on that one page, they were able to deliver $221,000 of pipeline revenue to their sales team. In the amount of times the chatbot was triggered, 8% converted into leads. Due to the success of the pilot, they plan on adding proactive chat to other pages on their website.

Outperforming the Competition in a Global Client’s Home Base

One of our customers is a global company that operates in nine countries across Europe and the United States, with 90% of their customer service requests coming from their home base country in Europe. Their Head of CX gave some insight into how Kustomer performed against Zendesk, specifically in their home base.

Results the customer has seen so far include a 33% improvement in agent average handle time. Additionally, CSAT responses have improved because agents needed to manually trigger the survey in the past. With Kustomer, the surveys are able to be triggered via automation. The client also reports experiencing many more options that enhance productivity with Kustomer than were available previously. Three other metrics that they track are average first response time, average response time and missed chats – all of which have seen improvements over Zendesk.

Unlock the Power of Kustomer With Our Free Trial

If these CX stories from the frontlines seem compelling to you… it’s time to check out Kustomer.  Uncover the power of the Kustomer CRM today with our 14-day free trial.  Deliver faster, richer experiences to your customers with omnichannel messaging, a unified customer view, and AI-powered automations. All with Kustomer, now part of Meta.

Special thanks to our friends at Kustomer for their insights on this topic.
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