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CX Stories From the Frontlines: The Power of a One-Stop Shop

A person using a laptop with a one-stop shop dashboard.

CX Stories From the Frontlines: The Power of a One-Stop Shop TW

We’re back again for our SECOND blog in a series about how CX organizations tackle every day challenges with the help of the Kustomer Platform: CX Stories From the Frontlines. There is rarely a magic bullet to our CX problems, but it’s helpful to understand how other companies are tackling similar issues.

In this month’s edition, we discuss how a business was able to understand BPO performance through Kustomer, how reporting can identify top contact reasons in specific geos, and the power of unifying disparate systems in one go-to platform.

Subscription Service Implements Effective BPO Performance Tracking

A subscription service, delivering science and art kits to kids, has a robust team of agents through a BPO. It is absolutely critical for them to understand agent performance, efficiency and customer satisfaction, as the team is not in-house. Additionally, these metrics inform the BPO’s bonus payouts. Through the Kustomer platform, the subscription service has several tools to ensure goals are being met and quality of service is sustained. They leverage Kustomer’s Queue Report to view overall agent performance at a glance, Team Pulse to supervise agent activity in real time, and a custom report on agent CSAT averages.

CX Stories From the Frontlines: The Power of a One-Stop Shop Inline 1

Beauty Brand Uncovers Top Contact Reasons for International Customers

A cosmetics and personal care company had a key business objective for 2021 to focus on their international customer segment. As part of this focus, the CX team was mandated to breakdown the top contact reasons for their international customers. The company worked with Kustomer to build a basic workflow that copied the “international” attribute from the customer profile and populated it on the customer’s conversation. After backfilling about three months of data through a CSV upload, the beauty brand was able to see historical information and build a custom report that could visualize and export this information for the leadership team. Next up the team will be implementing conditionally required attributes so they can see which products are most associated with refunds and damages.

CX Stories From the Frontlines: The Power of a One-Stop Shop Inline 2

Insurance Company Increases Efficiency By Unifying Disparate Systems

Agents at a home insurance provider used to have part-time jobs as detectives, spending endless amounts of time attempting to find the information they needed across multiple applications. They were aware that, as a business built on data, there was information floating around that was inaccessible to them. To solve this, they brought the data from all of those disparate systems together into one go-to platform. Essentially, Kustomer became their one-stop shop. Now they can view their customer and policy information alongside their Gong recordings and customer interactions. Since launch, they’ve seen various improvements across teams — their sales team has noticed an increase in contacts, likely a result of having new channels for engagement like chat, their support team now has more visibility through the Kustomer + FullStory app, and their management team has more transparency than they’ve ever had before. As new apps continue to be released in the Kustomer platform, this will only continue to make agents more efficient and remove their need to look anywhere else for information.

We want to hear from you! Let us know if you’re tackling CX problems in an interesting way and we will feature you in the next CX Stories From the Frontlines.

Special thanks to our friends at Kustomer for their insights on this topic.
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