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December feature updates from LoyaltyLion


As a part of our commitment to our merchants, each month, we advance our integration ecosystem and LoyaltyLion’s capabilities – all so you can power your existing marketing tools and growth.

We’re happy to tell you that we’re ending this year with two new integrations: and Vajro.

👉 Blend data for advanced analytics and reports with

70% of marketers claim that they don’t fully understand their customers because of the incompatibility between different data sets. With this in mind, we wanted you to easily connect your loyalty data with your other technologies. By integrating with LoyaltyLion, you can incorporate your loyalty data with your existing technologies or ecommerce cart to unlock further insights, receive advanced reports, and analyze your loyalty program’s performance.

So let’s introduce They are an advanced business intelligence platform that connects, transforms, and visualizes all your data in one place. You can now automate reporting tasks, from daily engagement snapshots to scheduled weekly and monthly reports, allowing you to unlock deeper insights. For instance, receive automated reports on how your customers are interacting with your program and see how their behaviors differ from guest shoppers. 

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You can also see which marketing channels and campaigns are getting the most engagement, and understand where to prioritize your time to drive the greatest ROI and impact your bottom line.

👉 Boost your mobile sales by increasing repeat purchase rates with Vajro

Usage of mobile shopping apps grows by 6% every year. Using LoyaltyLion and Vajro together, you can now award your mobile shoppers with points for any activity performed on your app. To enhance engagement still further, use push notifications to send personalized notifications to your mobile shoppers about their points balance, available rewards, and expiration dates.

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You can also allow your shoppers to redeem their rewards as they make purchases on your app. To encourage them to return to your app and repeat purchase more regularly, offer bigger and better rewards with each interaction. This helps you to retain your existing customers and boost your mobile revenue.

As 2020 concludes, we also want to say thank you. It’s been a wild ride and we can’t wait to keep working with you in 2021.

To celebrate the year with us, we’re sharing our best resources and company highlights.

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If you want to learn more about our latest updates and features, head over to our platform page, where you can find out more about our features or get in touch today.

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Ipek is a Product Marketing Consultant at LoyaltyLion. Before doing her Marketing masters at the Queen Mary University of London, she worked in top global advertising and marketing agencies providing creative strategies for both B2B and B2C clients. At LoyaltyLion, Ipek makes sure our readers get the best content about LoyaltyLion’s features and how it can help to power your ecommerce businesses.

Special thanks to our friends at LoyaltyLion for their insights on this topic.

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