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Different Types Of Online And Offline Ways To Attract Customers That Are Often Used

A group of people sitting around an office table discussing Shopify and marketing in the ecommerce industry.

There are various ways to attract customers, such as websites and e-mail magazines online and posting exhibitions and flyers offline.

Today I'll explain each method so you can know how to promote your business.

Flyer posting

This is a method of attracting customers by throwing flyers directly into mailboxes in areas where potential customers live. There are two ways to do this: by employees, part-time workers, etc., and by outsourcing to a contractor.

Direct mail

It is a method of attracting customers by mailing information on products and services in the form of flyers, catalogs, booklets, etc. New and existing customers and customers who have left will be sent to attract customers.


Exhibiting at trade shows is a way to attract potential customers. You can set up a booth to introduce your products and services or conduct business negotiations on the spot.

Free seminar

It is a method of attracting customers by holding a free seminar and introducing products after the lecture. Lectures are conducted by in-house personnel or by external instructors.

Telephone appointment

Tele appointment is a method of attracting customers by telephone. Promote your products and services primarily to new customers.

Customer referrals

It is a method of attracting customers to introduce the next customer to the existing customer. There is a method of asking a customer with whom you have a relationship of trust to teach you when the situation is warm, such as immediately after signing a contract.

E-mail magazine

This is a method of attracting customers by sending an e-mail magazine to those who have registered their e-mail address. Through e-mail magazines, we will send information on advantageous campaigns and encourage the purchase of products and the use of services.


It is a method of attracting customers by increasing the awareness of your company name, products, and services through a website.

Social Media Marketing

It is a method of attracting customers through SMM, such as Facebook and Twitter. There are two methods of attracting customers using SNS: placing advertisements on SMM, opening an SMM account, and posting on your account. To boost your business's social media presence, it is best that you use different social media management tools to create unique and engaging posts.

Video site

It is a method of attracting customers by uploading videos to video sites such as YouTube to promote products and services and attract customers to your site.

Street distribution

It is a method of placing advertisements on tissues and flyers, producing handouts such as product samples, and distributing them on the street. 

Although advertising costs will increase, sample distribution will increase the probability that people will stop and receive it, so it will be highly effective in raising awareness and publicizing its practicality. It is often used in the sale of cosmetics and contact lenses.

Press release

It is a method in which the company sends release information such as new products and services to mass media such as newspaper companies, magazine editorial departments, and TV program production companies, and receives interviews. 

There is no guarantee that people will come to interview you just because you put out a press release, but if you successfully get them interested, your credibility will increase; you can expect a significant publicity effect.

However, while a converter helps with many other functions, you don’t need it to upload your PDF. When you know how to optimize your PDF files, Google will index them like other documents. You can use an online pdf editor to have easy access anytime and make changes quickly to produce an SEO-friendly PDF file.


Signboards are a medium that catches the eye unexpectedly in the city. Therefore, you can expect to attract customers if you design it with impact and make it easy to convey. 

If it is a store, it has the effect of guiding people into the store, and if it is an advertisement for products or services, it can improve the image. There are various signboards, such as digital signage, welcome boards, and banner stands, so choosing the one suitable for your company is essential.

While there are many different ways to promote a business, taking advantage of them all at once is still not advisable. You can do so one step at a time to analyze which method is effective and which is not.

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