Do You Suffer From Shiny Object Syndrome?

The internet is full of information – particularly for aspiring entrepreneurs. Running a business require knowledge and tact, which thousands of blogs offer online. As entrepreneurs, we’re always interested to learn more about how we can improve our SEO strategy, how we can build the perfect website, and how we can grow our email list – but is the time we spend researching eCommerce actually wasted?


Why Do We Experience Bright & Shiny Object Syndrome?


Everyone is afraid of being exposed as a fraud or a failure, particularly before they achieve any level of professional success. Many of us find ourselves on the outside looking in as young entrepreneurs, wondering what the secret is to success. We read the works of great leaders in business, hoping to find some hint at how we can become an overnight sensation, and we disguise this reading as productivity because we truly think it will help us skyrocket to success.


Spoiler alert: no matter how many blogs you follow, books you read, and seminars you attend, you’ll never discover the secret to success.




Because there is no secret to success. The only way you can succeed is to start working on your goal, and you can’t start if you’re spending the majority of your time researching this ever-elusive secret.


You Are Enough, And You Can Do It


Every entrepreneur on Earth started with little to no knowledge of business. One day they had an idea and decided to put it into practice – they didn’t have any secrets, they didn’t take a shortcut from Point A to Point Z. They learned as they worked, knowing their perseverance would serve in and of itself as the secret to success.


But many of us have trouble coming to terms with our own capabilities and value. Some of us believe we need a degree or higher education to create a successful business, while others think they must know every detail about SEO, web design, and marketing to earn our first customer. Knowledge doesn’t hurt, but it won’t build your business by itself: you have to use it as a supplement to hard work.


Remind yourself of the following statements every time you think you aren’t good enough to run a profitable business:


  • You know enough to get started, and you’ll learn more as you go.
  • You aren’t in over your head.
  • You aren’t a failure or a fraud – you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who’s working hard to achieve your dream.


But the Experts Say I Need This and That To Succeed…


Yes, you will need a professional website, an excellent SEO strategy, a well-planned sales funnel, and a terrific marketing team to compete with the big dogs in your niche. But you aren’t competing with the big dogs when you first open your store – you’re competing with other new stores facing the same conflicts as you.


A small budget for marketing or web design is no reason to put off starting your business. You don’t need to take extra time to save up to begin – the time you spend starting your business now will be infinitely more valuable than the money you’ll save over the next few months to start your store down the road. You can get a free website, build it using free tools, create your social media accounts, and create content for your site without spending a dime.


After you get started, you can research areas of business you’re having trouble succeeding with, and you can improve your store as you establish the income and budget to do so. Give yourself a budget-friendly foundation to begin with and expand your knowledge and income from there.


Confidence is the Key to Success


Ultimately, your success or lack thereof doesn’t come down to your knowledge of business, your business, or how much time you’ve spent researching internet marketing: it comes down to you.


If you think you’re a fraud or you’re undeserving of success, you’ll have a difficult time motivating yourself to start your business. Have confidence in yourself as an entrepreneur and improvement will happen with perseverance.


Have you experienced bright and shiny object syndrome? What methods did you use to get over it? Let us know in the comments below!


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