Don’t Underestimate The Power Of An Automated Email Report


The really useful part about having Repeat Customer Insights email me the reports is that it makes it really easy to stay up on how the business is operating.

For a couple of years now I’ve been using the weekly Monday Morning Metrics to monitor sales last week from new and repeat customers (or in my case, new trial conversions and repeat customers). It only takes a minute to scan through the email, compare the performance to what I have in my head, and get the temperature of how things are going.

The usability of having that just show up in my inbox has been a time-saver.

With the new focus report emails, I have new metrics I can start to monitor.

No matter how fancy or flashy reports are, they are worthless if you don’t look at them.

Having them show up automatically in email makes them easy to find.

That makes them easy to act on.

Eric Davis

Learn what your customers are actually doing instead of just guessing

One of the best ways to build a sustainable business starts by getting your customers to come back. Mastering that simple process can be difficult, but builds a lifelong business.
Repeat Customer Insights can help you understand your customer’s behavior. With its collection of behavior reports, you can see what they’re actually doing instead of guessing and having your efforts fall flat.

Install Repeat Customer Insights for Shopify

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Steve has entrepreneurship in his DNA. Starting in the early 2000s, Steve achieved eBay Power Seller status which propelled him to become a founding partner of, a contact lens and eyewear retailer. Four years later through a successful exit from that startup, he embarked on his next journey into digital strategy for direct-to-consumer brands.

Currently, Steve is a Senior Merchant Success Manager at Shopify, where he helps brands to identify, navigate and accelerate growth online and in-store.

To maintain his competitive edge, Steve also hosts the top-rated twice-weekly podcast eCommerce Fastlane. He interviews Shopify Partners and subject matter experts who share the latest marketing strategy, tactics, platforms, and must-have apps, that assist Shopify-powered brands to improve efficiencies, profitably grow revenue and to build lifetime customer loyalty.

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