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Top 5 Most Trending Product Categories Of A Dropshipping Business

dropshipping business

Whether you’re a new merchant or an experienced entrepreneur with a dropshipping empire, it’s essential to know what’s in demand right now!

We’ve chosen 5 trending product categories to help you create a successful dropshipping business or develop an existing one. 



Whatever happens globally, apparel is and will be the most popular print-on-demand dropshipping category. Unless we decide that clothes are no longer needed? Until this is not the case, the clothing dropshipping business will rise and shine. 

Apparel dropshipping is also a very appealing category for beginners in the dropshipping business. There are thousands of suppliers and dropshipping services providing millions of items. Choose and prosper!

Where to start apparel dropshipping business


spocket dropshipping

The company offers high-quality apparel from suppliers based in the US and Europe. Here merchants can find a wide range of clothing for men, women, and kids. Spocket has an automated dropshipping service and integration with popular eCommerce platforms (Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc.).

In general, this platform is a good place for both new merchants and more experienced entrepreneurs who are in search of new products for their online stores. However, it’s important to mention that you should have a subscription plan to access the service. “Starter” plan costs $24.99 monthly. If you want to try Spocket, there’s a 14-day free trial period for all monthly subscription plans.


printful dropshipping

We highly recommend using print on demand dropshipping services like Printful if you’re just starting. You would be able to create a unique piece of clothing with an online mockup generator and won’t spend a dime until you actually make a sale! After you receive an order, it will be automatically sent to the supplier who will produce and ship the purchased item.

Printful also has integration with all the popular marketplaces. So, with this service you won’t have to take care of anything but selling and promotion. Shipping is available worldwide. Thanks to many suppliers all around the world, shipping prices here are very reasonable.

Tips for starting apparel dropshipping business

  • Keep in mind that there’s very high competition in the apparel industry. Think through your competitive advantages. It can be low prices, unique design, sustainable materials.
  • Decide from the start who’s going to be your target audience. Don’t try to please everybody. You’re not Zara. Better think of what you like and what you can offer to others. Are you a big music fan? Well, t-shirts with popular album covers are always in demand. Love binging anime in your free time? Consider selling shirts and sweaters with all-over anime prints.
  • Stay up to date with trends! And we don’t mean only high fashion trends. Films, music, social media — whatever your target audience can be obsessed with. 
  • Act fast. Once you know something’s trendy, don’t hesitate! One t-shirt with a trendy print can change your whole business. 


comsetics dropshipping business

Cosmetics and skincare products are other essentials many people can’t live without. By 2025, the beauty industry is predicted to reach $716B. And, well, you can contribute to that. If you’ve always wanted a cosmetics business, consider this as a sign! 

Where to start cosmetics business

white label cosmetics

Recently, cosmetics entered the print-on-demand industry. On Sell.xyz you can design your own skincare and haircare organic products online with the help of the Sell Design Studio tool. Check their organic and eco cosmetics

After customizing, you can place the products in your preferred marketplace (currently the integration is available with Shopify and WooCommerce but more platforms will be available soon) and get an automated fulfillment once an order is received. 

One more thing — the service is 100% free to use. There are no subscriptions, hidden fees, or minimum order quantity. You’ll pay only when you make a sale. A great opportunity if you’re a newbie in dropshipping business!


alibaba dropshipping

It’s one of the most popular platforms for new merchants due to the low price of the items. Of course, that’s a big advantage. However, have in mind that you’ll have to be extremely careful while choosing suppliers and products. Some of them are not exactly reliable so do your research before ordering. Also, many suppliers accept only orders in bulk so you should have some money to invest.

We would recommend Alibaba to more experienced merchants. In the start, it’s better to use dropshipping services which have certified suppliers and automated dropshipping while you’re focusing on sales and promotion.

Tips for starting a cosmetics business

  • Clean beauty trend is real! When it comes to cosmetics, more and more people prefer high-quality natural products. That’s why we would recommend putting aside too cheap Alibaba suppliers and focusing more on finding natural products that your customers will actually be happy with. 
  • If you order products from the supplier for the first time, we would highly recommend asking for a few samples first and trying them out. If the manufacturer is reliable, he won’t hesitate to send them. By the way, print on demand dropshipping services usually offer a discount for samples. On Sell.xyz you can purchase up to 5 items per month with a 30% discount.
  • Beauty influencers are your best friends if you have a cosmetics business! Follow them on Instagram and watch their videos on Youtube. That’s one of the best ways to keep up with beauty trends!

Home goods

home decor dropshipping business

Who doesn’t like buying things for home? Posters, mugs, pillows, blankets, oh, and those scratch-off maps to show off how much you’re traveling. Home goods were always in demand, even during quarantine when almost all the other industries were suffering. So if you want a business with great potential and immunity to pandemic, then home decor dropshipping business is for you!

Where to start home items dropshipping business


Prodigi dropshipping

On print on demand dropshipping service Prodigi, home & living product category is truly impressive. Home decor, blankets, cushions, bedding, pet accessories, mouse mats — everything your customers may need to make their office or home a more comfortable place. The service has a mockup generator for customizing the product which you can use for free.

Prodigy also offers a sample pack with its key products for new customers. And yes, you can get it free of charge if you sign up!


printify dropshipping business

One of the print on demand market leaders Printify offers a great selection of home decor. In their catalog, you can find basically everything for home in different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

The service is super easy to use. It provides a simple mockup generator and integration with the most popular eCommerce platforms. If you use the free plan, you can connect only 5 stores to your account. With the Premium subscription plan ($24.99/month), the customer can connect up to 10 stores. Also, they get up to 20% discount on all products. 

However, there’s one tricky thing that you should consider before getting started on Printify. Not all the suppliers provide high-quality products here. So if you want to sell something in your store, we advise you to order a sample product first.

Tips for starting home decor dropshipping business

  • Pay attention to materials. Many home decor items are made from glass which can be damaged during transportation. So if you want to dropship home decor, we recommend focusing on plastic items.
  • At the start, it’s better to dropship small home decor items. In the case of big products, there’s a high risk of getting them damaged, and you can lose a lot of money on returns.
  • Home decor with a classic neutral design is always trendy. However, don’t be boring, otherwise, nobody will notice you! We recommend selling classics alongside some bright-colored trendy (maybe even a bit provocative?) stuff. 

Baby products

baby products dropshipping business

According to the UN, around 385,000 babies are born daily (about 140 million annually). And these numbers speak for themselves. Newborns and kids need clothes, organic infant formula, hygiene care items, and toys. The baby care products market is projected to be worth around $88.72B dollars worldwide in 2026. If you choose the right items for your store, your dropshipping business will bring a big profit in no time. 

Where to start a baby products dropshipping business?


Doba dropshipping

Doba is a user-friendly platform with hundreds of suppliers and products. More than 25000 items are available only in the  “Toys, Kids & Baby” category. The service can be integrated with most of the popular marketplaces, including Shopify, Amazon, and eBay.

Most of the features of this platform are available only with a paid subscription. “Business” plan costs $49.99 monthly. However, Doba offers a 30-day trial period so you can try it out and decide whether it’s worth it.


SaleHoo dropshipping

Another paid dropshipping service. Here you can find high-quality baby products from thousands of reliable suppliers. Each of them is tested and audited by SaleHoo. The service integrates with Shopify.

A yearly subscription here costs $67. Also, you can have lifetime access for $127. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the service.

Tips for starting baby products dropshipping business

  • Baby products market is changing all the time! Almost everyday, suppliers offer new items that make parents’ life easier. So don’t forget to check trends every day and adjust your product listing accordingly.
  • Kids are more likely to have allergic reactions than grown-ups. So it’s essential to choose the right supplier who uses only high-quality hypoallergenic ingredients and materials.
  • Be active on parenting forums. This will help you to understand what products parents mostly use, want, or need. And if your store has that item, you can offer it to them. Just don’t be too obvious and don’t try to advertise yourself directly otherwise you can easily get blocked.


supplements dropshipping business

With the pandemic, people started to be more concerned about their health. In the US, 80% of the population uses dietary supplements. So it’s a very promising industry, especially if you focus on selling weight loss and immune support products. These are consumers’ all-time favorites!

Where to start supplements dropshipping business

white label supplements

Sell.xyz offers an automated print on demand dropshipping service and a range of the most trendy supplements. The service has everything you need for a great start — , a great selection of vegan and vegetarian supplements, an all-in-one design tool for creating product mockups online, integration with Shopify and WooCommerce

The best part — no subscriptions, no fees, no minimum order quantity. You can integrate as many stores as you want and create thousands of products free of charge. You pay only when you receive an order. That means you can get started without any investments!


As you can guess from its name, this platform is fully focused on supplement dropshipping. The main advantage of Supliful is the wide product range. Here you can find more than 75 supplements for adults and kids. 

The service provides on-demand automated fulfillment. However, it integrates only with Shopify. Also, Supliful doesn’t have its own design tool. They only provide product templates for Canva/Illustrator.

Tips for starting supplements dropshipping business

  • In general, supplements are regulated as a food in most countries but we recommend checking the regulations in your country just to be 100% sure.
  • Avoid buying cheap products from unreliable facilities. It’s better to pay a bit more and to be sure about the quality of the supplements you offer than to put the health of your potential customers at risk. 
  • Be extremely careful with the suppliers if you decide to dropship supplements. Check their certification and ask for samples.

Don’t forget to include products from these categories in your online store if you want to succeed in 2022. If you’re new to dropshipping, check out these useful digital marketing strategies for dropshipping businesses. Good luck! 

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