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Dropshipping In Europe With GOGETTERS.

Dropshipping In Europe With GOGETTERS.


On our  Shopify App Store you can find many useful apps that can help you build your business. Apps that assist in setting up your online store to expanding your marketing strategy. We like to spotlight the developers and founders of these apps because they play an essential role in our Shopify ecosystem and for you as a merchant for building a successful store.


Today, we are speaking with Bob, the founder of  the GOGETTERS EU Dropshipping app that has been active on our App Store since 2020. We talk to him about setting up the GOGETTERS business and his experience in the e-commerce industry and the dropshipping model. Keep on reading to see how GOGETTERS can help you turn your dropshipping store into a dropshipping empire!

1. Can you give me a brief overview of how GOGETTERS came about?

GOGETTERS originated at the end of 2018. My partner (Bodine) and I (Bob) had been exploring Shopify for a few years. When we received a product list from a Dutch supplier, we realized how difficult it was to neatly integrate it into a webshop. So, together with our developer (Bjorn), we created an initial (very limited) integration between the supplier and Shopify. We gradually expanded this with more features and suppliers. In 2019, we decided to offer this service in a subscription model and make it our core business.


2. How does your app work exactly and how does it help merchants who use the app?

We make it easy for merchants to dropship products with fast delivery times. Since all the suppliers in our app are located in the Netherlands and within Europe, customers within Europe are assured of fast delivery, CE-certified products, and neat packaging.


We have various suppliers available, so there are interesting products for everyone. We understand that time is extremely valuable. That's why we save merchants a lot of time by automating many processes. This includes inventory updates, price updates, order processing, and tracking for end customers.


3. How did you decide to add your app to Shopify, and did that decision influence your work or creative process?

Since we had been working with the Shopify platform for years and were enjoying it, Shopify was a logical choice. And because Shopify is constantly innovating, we have to keep up with it, which is a good motivator!


4. Where does the name GOGETTERS come from?

We wanted a company name that was motivating, energetic, and could inspire our team as well as our customers. My partner Bodine (partner in business and personal life) had written down several potential names on a piece of paper. One of them was ‘gogetter,' and I added an ‘s' and put a period at the end. That was it!


The term GOGETTER(S) is often used to describe someone who works hard, is ambitious, and is determined to become successful. A true go-getter! Since we like to go the extra mile and our target audience consists of entrepreneurs, we found this name fitting for our company.


5. What makes the GOGETTERS app unique in a landscape where there are more and more dropshipping apps available?

We are the only Dutch dropshipping app that primarily focuses on Dutch suppliers. Additionally, we value user-friendliness and customer service. We try to guide customers as best as possible throughout the process.


6. Why does the Shopify platform work well for GOGETTERS?

Our app is designed to save time and energy, and the same goes for Shopify. Its user-friendliness is excellent, making it a great fit.


7. What advice do you have for merchants who are considering the GOGETTERS app?

Install the app! And choose the free plan. This way, you can experience how easy it is to start offering quality products without major investments.


8. What benefits have you experienced since GOGETTERS became available as an app in the Shopify app store?

We received a boost in installations because our reach suddenly expanded. It also became much easier for us. Instead of manual installations for each customer, the app could now be installed in a few clicks. This also saved us a lot of time!


9. What have been some of the most exciting or exhilarating moments in the life of GOGETTERS?

We have had several exciting and exhilarating moments. The launch of our app was very exciting. We were featured on the homepage of the app store, so everything had to go smoothly!


During COVID, we experienced tremendous growth, which led us to work from early morning until 

late at night at the dining table. Having an office and hiring a team member became crucial for us. In this uncertain period, we purchased an office space and hired an employee. It was nerve-wracking, but we are still happy with these decisions every day!


10. What are your plans or goals for the future of your company?

We want to give the app a new design, making it easier to use on mobile devices and seamlessly integrated into Shopify as a Built for Shopify app.


We will continue to consistently add new suppliers (and features) for our customers and aim to further expand our presence in Europe!


If you're interested in using the GOGETTERS app after reading this article, click here to install the app on your online store and start dropshipping today! If you have any questions about the app, feel free to contact GOGETTERS at support@gogetters.nl.


This article originally appeared on Shopify and is available here for further discovery.
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