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Dropshipping Podcasts: Expert Advice To Grow Your Business

Dropshipping Podcasts: Expert Advice To Grow Your Business

Running your own ecommerce dropshipping business can be fun and fulfilling. Whether you’re managing your online store, working with suppliers, or launching a marketing campaign, it’s easy to focus on sales, and skip learning new things. Fortunately, convenient online resources such as podcasts can help you learn more about ecommerce dropshipping. Explore some of the most popular and helpful dropshipping podcasts out there, to ensure you stay on top of trends and strategies while you are on the go.

Why should you listen to dropshipping podcasts?

Here are some of the potential benefits of listening to dropshipping podcasts as an ecommerce entrepreneur:

Valuable information

Dropshipping podcasts can be a go-to resource to help you gain insights for improving your dropshipping businesses, featuring talks from dropshippers with prior experience running profitable online stores. These entrepreneurs offer valuable insights about topics like choosing the best dropshipping suppliers, running successful online marketing campaigns, and maintaining high-quality customer service. Dropshipping podcasts can simplify complex business models and give you new ways of thinking about your own business. 


Running your own business can sometimes feel overwhelming, and good dropshipping podcasts can inspire and motivate you. Whether you want to create a fulfilling remote job or develop a profitable side hustle, dropshipping podcasts can guide you on your entrepreneurial journey.

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Opportunities for connection

Dropshipping podcasts build connections between fans, entrepreneurs, and merchants, helping you feel less isolated in a remote-work environment. If you’re starting a dropshipping business, networking with other listeners is a way to meet entrepreneurs and get recommendations for potential suppliers or social media influencers to collaborate with.

Convenient for multitasking

If your dropshipping store is a side hustle to your regular job, you have even less time to learn what you need to know to succeed. Listening to podcasts requires minimal effort and allows busy entrepreneurs the chance to quickly gain insightful information from industry experts. Learn about strategies for improving your dropshipping business while performing daily tasks like driving, cleaning, and cooking, or even work-related tasks like researching product trends online.

Best dropshipping podcasts

Here are some of the most popular dropshipping podcasts to listen to when starting your own dropshipping business online:

Shopify Masters

Shopify Masters is Shopify’s podcast hosted by Shuang Esther Shan, Adam Levinter, and Benjamin Gottlieb. Shopify Masters releases two episodes a week featuring interviews with successful entrepreneurs and industry experts sharing their experiences starting and scaling online businesses. With episodes typically ranging from 30 to 45 minutes, Shopify Masters is a quick and convenient way to learn from experts across the ecommerce world, including dropshipping.

Interviews dive deep into a wide range of useful subjects for dropshippers, including how to set up an incredibly lucrative side hustle through a Shopify dropshipping store, create Instagram advertising campaigns, and find product niches. The podcast includes insights and success stories from entrepreneurs—including some of the top dropshippers selling on Shopify—as well as more specialized conversations with economists, venture capitalists, and data scientists.

????Listen: 6 Dropshipping Tips From the Ecom King

Dropshipping—Talks from dropshippers to dropshippers

Hosted by Lior Pozin, AutoDS CEO, this podcast centers around specific and actionable advice for dropshippers. Each episode delves into topics like online marketing strategies, the best AliExpress alternative options when researching global dropshipping suppliers, and the world of AI-powered tools. This is one of the most popular dropshipping podcasts, especially among those who have recently started dropshipping and are looking for as much information as possible.

Build Assets Online

Hosted by brothers Mike and Joe Brusca, Build Assets Online is designed to help listeners build sellable online businesses. Episodes feature hour-long conversations between Mike and Joe, who pull from their years of experience dropshipping to craft informational presentations for their audience.

With more than 300 episodes, the podcast covers a wide range of relevant dropshipping topics, like using a print-on-demand business model or setting up a Google Ads campaign. Keep in mind that it favors topics focused around high-ticket dropshipping—an online business selling more expensive items that can range from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Ecommerce Empire Builders

Created by entrepreneur and author Peter Pru, Ecommerce Empire Builders features short episodes of roughly five to 15 minutes. It covers topics like how to create profitable online stores with AI-powered tools like ChatGPT, how to identify new sales funnels, and how to evaluate if subscription boxes are a good model for your dropshipping business. This podcast, focused on helping listeners build their own ecommerce empires, offers quick answers to specific dropshipping questions.


On this podcast, host and entrepreneur Andrew Warner interviews ecommerce merchants about their success stories as well as the lessons they learned from their experiences. With well-researched questions and a direct interview style, the podcast host investigates how entrepreneurs can succeed and create profitable online stores even when using complex business models or facing problems with things like lead generation.

eCommerce Paradise

eCommerce Paradise is a dropshipping podcast focused on how to run a high-ticket dropshipping business. This includes dropshipping jewelry, furniture, or electronics. Although this dropshipping model can generate more money and higher profit margins than selling low-ticket items, there are also greater risks.

After selling his first ecommerce business, entrepreneur Trevor Fenner launched eCommerce Paradise in 2015 to share insightful information about high-ticket dropshipping. Featuring interviews with successful dropshippers from various backgrounds, this podcast covers topics like how to import trending products, researching the best supplier alternative options for your business, and the smartest strategy for advertising on Facebook.

The Dropship Podcast

Since launching in 2021, The Dropship Podcast has become one of the most prolific dropshipping podcasts, with nearly 300 episodes to date. Primarily focused on high-ticket dropshipping, this podcast explores what it takes to run a successful online business, from finding profitable product niches to setting up your dropshipping store on Shopify.

With episodes ranging from 10 minutes to well over an hour, hosts Jon Warren and Ben Knegendorf dive into how to start a dropshipping business from the ground up, with specific strategies you can use for your own company.

Dropshipping podcast FAQ

How much money can I realistically make off dropshipping?

Committed dropshippers can make anywhere from a few hundred dollars a year to more than $100,000 if they build a strong brand, offer the right products, and partner with a reliable supplier. Use Shopify’s free profit margin calculator to evaluate the viability of products and set prices high enough to earn profit.

Does Shopify have a dropshipping podcast?

Shopify has a podcast called Shopify Masters that features insightful interviews with successful dropshippers as well as other types of entrepreneurs and ecommerce experts.

Why should entrepreneurs listen to ecommerce podcasts?

Entrepreneurs should listen to ecommerce podcasts because they’re a helpful source of information and inspiration when learning how to best run your own dropshipping business.

This article originally appeared on Shopify and is available here for further discovery.
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