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Due For An Upgrade? Why You Should Use SMS To Boost Your Reviews Strategy


Customers now rely on mobile devices to discover brands, write reviews, and generate social proof — on top of day-to-day browsing and purchasing. Likewise, mobile-friendly experiences are essential for creating a seamless online customer journey. From shoppers receiving brand announcements via email and text messages to satisfied customers tagging their favorite brands on social media, the benefits of creating mobile-first experiences for your customers are seemingly endless.

According to a 2022 Statista mobile eCommerce survey, smartphones are now the primary device for retail website traffic and orders, accounting for 65% of online browsing and shopping. From brand discovery to checkout, delivery to review request, and product review to reward, it’s never been easier for brands to engage with shoppers on their mobile devices. 

Because shoppers spend so much time on their phones and complete purchases with their smartphones, SMS is now one of the most successful channels to …

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