Dynamic Customer Segmentation Is A Creative Marketer’s Best Friend

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Most B2C marketers think they already know everything about customer segmentation.

You create a list of similar buyers, send them a targeted email, and it drives better conversion rates because it’s more personalized than batch-and-blast emails. But segmentation can be much more than just static email lists of your customers.

Dynamic customer segmentation can significantly outperform a traditional static list.

By ingesting the right customer data, dynamic segments grow and shrink as your customers move in and out of the segments — automatically triggering the right campaigns at the right time. Instead of having to create a new segment every time you want to send an email, dynamic segments do the work for you and constantly update with the newest customer data.

Sound better than traditional email marketing segments? That’s because they are. It’s also not just for email marketing alone. You can also use dynamic segmentation for segment sync to paid social media channels, for example. It will save you time so you can get back to doing what you love — thinking creatively about marketing. If you’re not incorporating dynamic segmentation into your marketing strategy yet, here’s why you should.

What is dynamic customer segmentation?

Dynamic customer segmentation uses real-time data to continuously update marketing segments with new information as it comes in. Rather than having to manually export a segment of your entire list, dynamic segmentation updates as customers fall in or out of a segment based on their actions on your website immediately. For example, as soon as a new buyer completes a purchase, they’re added automatically to a new buyer segment and sent a welcome email.

This is a powerful marketing automation technology for B2C marketers because it saves time and makes your messaging far more personalized than before. Dynamic customer segmentation helps you create triggered campaigns that launch based on specific customer behavior as it happens. These types of behavior-driven campaigns are highly effective and have been shown to drive far more customer engagement.

A few segments to try

Dynamic segmentation marketing sounds interesting, but what does it look like in real life? It all depends on your industry and the products you sell, but many B2C marketers use some of the same dynamic segments to get started. Here are a few examples of segments that you could use to improve your marketing, including:

  • Customers who have opened an email in the past week
  • Site visitors who have viewed specific product detail pages on your site
  • Buyers who haven’t engaged in any channel in 30 days
  • New customers who haven’t made a second purchase yet

If you can think of the customer segment, you can create a dynamic version of it. However, it requires you to collect and unify a large amount of customer data in one central location. You need to be able to accurately track all of your customer interactions across websites and devices as they make new purchases, click on items, and open your emails. Dynamic segmentation is nothing without the right customer data.

Campaigns to drive conversions

Once you set up dynamic segments of your prospects and buyers, the possibilities for marketing campaigns are truly endless. You can run a number of campaigns aimed at those specific segments, trying to drive new purchases and improve customer loyalty. Here are a few examples of campaigns you can try out on email, paid ads, or other channels:

  • High margin campaigns: Promote higher margin products to your highest LTV and AOV customers.
  • Cross category campaigns: If customers who love product X also love product Y, promote product Y to other customers who purchased product X.
  • Replenishment campaigns: If it’s been a certain number of days since your buyer purchased a product, you can automatically send out a replenishment campaign to follow up when they’re likely to need more.
  • Browse abandonment campaigns: For people browsing specific products without purchasing, automatically send them an email about that product.

If you’re unsure where to start, dynamic segments are great for at-risk and winback campaigns too. If someone hasn’t engaged in 30 days, you can automatically engage them as they fall into the segment, for example.

This is a great way to start to use dynamic segments and improve your engagement with buyers throughout the customer lifecycle.

Major benefits for marketers

Dynamic segments help B2C marketers by not only improving targeted campaigns but also by saving time and scaling your workflow. With dynamic segments, you can set it and forget it. For example, with an at-risk campaign, instead of going in, finding your at-risk customers, and sending a campaign once a week, you can instead just set it up to send on a daily basis for everyone newly added to the segment. You can see how quickly the time savings add up.

Dynamic segmentation can actually help you stop wasting time on the technical execution of campaigns and get you back to focusing on the creative side of B2C marketing. You’ll instead be able to spend your days coming up with new campaigns, new creative, and better messaging to test out on your customers. The power of dynamic segments empowers you — the marketer — to be better at your job.

This article was originally published by our friends at Zaius.

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