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Earning Backlinks vs. Building Backlinks: What’s Best For E-commerce?

Three colleagues, one pointing at a computer screen, work together in an office setting, displaying focus and collaboration while building backlinks.

Navigating the world of e-commerce SEO can feel like traversing a maze. Among the many tactics and strategies used, backlinks always stand out as a cornerstone.

However, when it comes to acquiring these precious links, should you focus on earning them or building them? Let’s explore the distinctions between the two and determine which might be the best fit for your e-commerce store. 

Earning Backlinks

As the name suggests, earning backlinks is about producing top-tier content that others naturally want to link to. You become a go-to resource by providing valuable insights, research, or unique perspectives. When others recognize your content’s worth, they give you a backlink, acting as a nod of approval. 

Building Backlinks

On the other hand, building backlinks requires a more proactive approach – perhaps working with a link-building and SEO specialist like Digitally Unique. You might guest post on other websites in your niche, employ a PR professional to get you mentioned in top online publications, or even participate in link exchange programs. With this strategy, you are intentionally reaching out, forming relationships, and placing your links on other sites. 

Weighing Up the Pros and Cons

Both earning and building backlinks come with their unique pros and cons. Let’s explore them further:

Advantages of earning backlinks:

  • Credibility boost: When influential figures or websites link to you without any nudge, it’s an automatic credibility enhancer. 
  • Cost-effective: Since these links are unsolicited, they have no direct cost. 
  • Long-lasting: Content consistently delivering value can earn backlinks over an extended period. 

Challenges with earning backlinks:

  • Unpredictability: There’s no guarantee when or if you’ll earn a backlink. 
  • Timeconsuming: It might take considerable time to produce exceptional content that stands out enough to earn backlinks naturally. 

Advantages of building backlinks: 

  • Control: You decide where your backlinks are placed and can ensure they are in relevant contexts. 
  • Relationship building: Actively seeking backlink opportunities can lead to partnerships or collaborations. 
  • Faster results: Once a relationship is established, placing your link can be relatively quick. 

Challenges with building backlinks:

  • Resource intensive: Building backlinks often requires dedicated time and sometimes even a budget. 
  • Quality control: Not every backlink opportunity will be a good one. You might risk linking from low-quality sites, which could hurt, rather than help, your reputation and ranking. 

The Best Route for E-commerce?

When it comes to e-commerce, a blend of both tactics is the most effective way forward. Earning backlinks solidifies your authority, ensuring your store and its content resonate with audiences. It’s an organic approach to building a brand. Meanwhile, building backlinks offers more control and immediacy, allowing for strategic placements that might drive traffic and conversions later. 

However, the key here is balance. While actively building backlinks, it’s crucial to maintain quality. Similarly, if you are focusing on earning backlinks, staying up-to-date with current trends and continually enhancing your content is essential. 

Both earning and building backlinks have their unique strengths and challenges. For e-commerce businesses looking to solidify their online presence, integrating both approaches can provide a robust and holistic link-building strategy. 

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