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Earth Day 2023: How DTC Brands Can Turn Sustainability Into Success


Earth Day 2023: How DTC Brands Can Turn Sustainability into Success

With the “New Era of Sustainability”upon us, shopping sustainably has grown increasingly popular amongst today’s conscious consumers, which include both genders and span all generations.

So much so that 85% of millennials and 79% of Generation X say they expect companies to implement programs that protect the planet.

Sustainably minded values are translating into more spending dollars, with 49% of consumers willing to splurge up to 39.5% more for higher-quality / environmentally friendly products over less eco-friendly competitors.

It is clear that going “green” is not only a corporate responsibility, but a golden opportunity for brands to take a bite out of the $150 billion “sustainable retail” pie.

This Earth Day, MuteSix–proud to be part of Dentsu’s 2030 Sustainability Strategy-is celebrating a fellow eco-friendly brand: GreenPan.

Since 2007, GreenPan, the leader in non-toxic ceramic cookware, has been taking strides to lessen the environmental blow of rampant consumerism, while still financially profiting from it.

Here’s what they had to say about nurturing a sustainable brand built for revenue-generating success.

What does “sustainability” mean to GreenPan?

“Sustainability” is such a big word, and we’re trying to live up to the importance of it every day. To us, it means that the way we manufacture, package, and ultimately impact the environment has to be considered in every decision we make.

GreenPan cookware was invented as an alternative to PFAS nonstick coatings, which we knew were hugely detrimental to the environment, but we have continued to push ourselves to think even more broadly about sustainability. It’s an ever-evolving project, but we’re getting better every day.

How can conventionally branded businesses reduce their carbon footprint?

Technology has made it easier than ever for companies to make an impact. If you are on Shopify, there are apps that allow customers to make their shipping carbon neutral.

We also partner with a company that enables customers to properly recycle their old cookware if they would like to.

But, on a bigger scale, companies simply have to set aside the time and resources to analyze their business top to bottom, and see where they can make an impact.

How do audiences respond to your “sustainability mindset”?

Retailers and consumers responded really well, but it took some educating.

A lot of folks didn’t realize how bad traditional nonstick cookware was. We see when we clearly explain the value of a more sustainable option to the customer, they are more than eager to make the swap.

Does sustainability come at the expense of success?

Success, in the long term, means a healthy planet and a healthy population, and sustainability is an essential part of that. There is no other option. If you are only looking at more short-term success, like sales, I still think sustainability is a worthy investment.

Consumers are becoming more and more interested in aligning with brands that stand for more than just making a buck.

Case in Point: How GreenPan Boosted Holistic Revenue 81% YoY

Looking to quickly and dramatically boost revenue, GreenPan enlisted MuteSix’s industry-leading omnichannel media and creative services.

Despite astronomical CPMs across Meta and CPCs across Google, on top of heightened pressures from more competitively priced conventional cookware brands, MuteSix cooked up a winning Paid Social and Paid Search strategy that drove an 81% bump in revenue YoY on Meta, and a 14.7% increase in CVR MOM with Google Ads.

Read the full case study here.

MuteSix’s Top Tips for Scaling Sustainable Brands

  • Focus messaging on improving your personal and family health by evoking an emotional connection with your audiences. For example, speak directly to them, using the second person “you.”
  • Educate shoppers on how non-sustainable competitors are negatively affecting their health and the planet–and celebrate how your brand is doing the opposite.
  • Feature your sustainability policies on your website and across other channels, explaining steps you’re taking to help the environment.
  • Partner with brand-aligned influencers with personal stories to share about how your brand / product improved their health.
  • Diversify your marketing mix to include all paid media channels to reach as many customers as possible. Remember, sustainability is equally important to all generations.
  • Perform A/B testing to identify which hooks and messaging are resonating best with your environmentally conscious audiences.
  • Build interest and intent earlier on in the customer journey via educational messaging, explaining what sustainability is and how your brand is doing its part.
  • Build trust with your audiences! Avoid “greenwashing” and ensure your messaging is as authentic and consistent as possible across all digital touch points.
  • Consider rewarding sustainable shopping behaviors. Integrate your brand mission into your Green Loyalty Programs, and invite shoppers to take part in your commitment to environment sustainability.

A Final Word: Sustainability is Sustainable … And Scalable

Sustainability is here to stay–which is not just good news for the planet, but for retailers and shoppers, too.

Fortunately, for brands looking to drive revenue during this “New Era of Sustainability,” fulfilling your corporate responsibility doesn’t require a complete supply chain overhaul.

Having scaled environmentally friendly brands quicker and more efficiently than any other agency, MuteSix knows a thing or two about what it takes to accelerate growth sustainable brands.

To learn more about our agency’s capabilities, reach out to our team of forward-thinking media, creative, marketing science, and growth experts today.


Special thanks to our friends at MuteSix for their insights on this topic.
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