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Easter 2019: SMS Marketing Inspiration For Driving Sales To Your Shopify Store

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Let’s drive more sales to your Shopify store with some text messaging ideas for your Easter sale and SMS marketing campaigns & automations.

Are you ready to smash some sales records this Easter? With the Holiday right around the corner, brands are rushing to prepare their marketing campaigns, color their banners, and wrap their online store shelves in sweet discounts.

That’s why we thought to share a handful of SMS marketing example templates you can check to get inspired for your Easter text messages.

The National Retail Federation published their Easter 2019 spending estimates and it looks like this holiday is going to get crazy for online stores. Learn about the research here.

Expected consumer spending on Easter goods:

  • $18,11 billion total spending

  • $151,25 per customer average

Top expected product spending on Easter:

  • Food – $5,74 billion

  • Candy – $2,49 billion

  • Flowers – $1,29 billion

  • Decorations – $1 billion

  • Greeting cards – $780 million

Here’s the thing though…

Those numbers don’t mean anything for your Shopify store if you’re not up there blasting out your marketing campaigns and promoting your deals.

Today we’re gonna help you prepare one of the most sales-driving parts of your digital marketing strategy for Easter 2019 – your text message campaigns & automations.

It’s the most basic, simple, fast and direct form of text messaging there is, and it doesn’t even require an internet connection for customers to receive.

  • 80% of North Americans use text messages. A familiar means of communication.

  • Open rates up to 98%. Nobody ever misses a text message, unlike emails or other push notifications.

  • 45% of recipients reply to branded text messages. Start a conversation with your customers.

  • 85% of customers prefer texting over email or phone. Speed and convenience in communication is one of the priorities of millennials and modern shoppers.

  • 64% of customers prefer texts for order updates. SMS is short, clear and direct. Customers like the confidence and reassurance that texting gives for order updates.

  • 53% of customers feel positive towards brands using texts. Combine that with the insane conversion power of text messages, and you have a winning strategy for Easter.

(Statistics source)

You will need some basic rule of thumb on how to create your text message templates both for marketing campaigns and automations. Easter is a holiday for treats, gifts and sweet deals.

Below you will see 15 text message example templates for your:

  • SMS marketing campaigns

  • Abandoned cart SMS automations

  • Customer retention / reactivation automated messages

Get inspired for your Shopify SMS marketing strategy and get started with your Easter schedule.

checked 281 29 f94e4522b0  Make Your Easter Messages Visual

Just so you know, we used free stock images for the MMS examples below, and you can do the same by using the Pexels or GIPHY integrations you’ll see in the message creation step.

5 Easter SMS Marketing Campaign Copy / Paste Templates

First stop, promote your products and Easter discounts with SMS Marketing campaigns.

Announce that you have a holiday sale, personalize your messages to target each customer individually and show the value you’re offering.

Happy Easter, {FirstName}! Crack open for some wonderful Easter treats! Create the perfect gift for your family with up to 25% OFF:

SMSBump SMS Marketing Easter 2019 Campaign Example

Easter time is here, {FirstName}! Dress yourself up for the occasion and grab our up to 40% specials until April 24! Shop now:

SMSBump SMS Marketing Easter 2019 Campaign Example

Hey, {FirstName}! The Easter egg hunt is on! Find the best deals possible with coupons up to $150 on all orders:

SMSBump SMS Marketing Easter 2019 Campaign Example

Happy Easter Day, {FirstName}! We’re giving our loyal customers 25% OFF with a personal code EAST25. Hurry up, code expires on April 24:

SMSBump SMS Marketing Easter 2019 Campaign Example

This is not your usual Easter promo. {SiteName} announces the new arrivals available today at 50% OFF until April 24. Get them now, better than ever!

5 Easter SMS Shopping Cart Recovery Copy / Paste Automations

Second, you will have abandoned carts. Tons of them, for sure.

But that’s no longer an issue with the insane ROI that SMSBump has proven to deliver with the checkout recovery automations you can setup with custom timing, sequences and discounts.

Hey {FirstName}, did you think we forgot about Easter? Here’s a -15% gift now automatically added to your checkout: Happy Easter!

SMSBump SMS Abandoned Cart Easter 2019 Automation Example

Hi {FirstName}! Don’t forget the items in your checkout! Get the Easter promo and reclaim your order with 10% OFF using code AVWL1 here:

SMSBump SMS Abandoned Cart Easter 2019 Automation Example

{FirstName}, looks like you dropped some Easter gifts! Get them back with Free Shipping only until April 24 with this secret link:

SMSBump SMS Abandoned Cart Easter 2019 Automation Example

Don’t worry, {FirstName}, we got you! There’s a lot going on this Easter, we know. This is where you can still finish your order with 15% OFF as an Easter gift from us:

SMSBump SMS Abandoned Cart Easter 2019 Automation Example

Still need some time, {FirstName}? That’s okay, that’s why we have an extended Free Shipping offer just for you until April 24:

SMSBump SMS Abandoned Cart Easter 2019 Automation Example

5 Easter SMS Customer Reactivation Copy / Paste Automations

Third, Easter is a great opportunity to reach customers who haven’t purchased in a while! Use the SMS marketing automation for customer reactivation to send text message promos and reminders to customers who haven’t been around for a while.

A powerful strategy to increase sales from existing customers and drive more customer retention.

Hey {FirstName}, Happy Easter! We haven’t seen you in a while, so we thought to celebrate together with our new specials. Up to 25% OFF on all orders:

SMSBump SMS Customer Retention Easter Automations

Hi {FirstName}, we invite you to celebrate Easter with {SiteName}: Check all the new arrivals you’ve missed in the past 3 months and order yours with 15% OFF!

SMSBump SMS Customer Retention Easter Automations

Easter time is here and so are our biggest deals so far! Tap here to find your perfect gift with deals up to 25% OFF! Happy Easter, {FirstName}!

SMSBump SMS Customer Retention Easter Automations

Make your Easter holidays brighter and more colorful with the collections at {SiteName}! Check our best deals available until April 24 here:

SMSBump SMS Customer Retention Easter Automations

Haven’t seen you in a while, {FirstName}! Thought you might like our new arrivals, get them with the Easter Free Shipping promo on our website here:

SMSBump SMS Customer Retention Easter Automations

Automate Your Easter Sales

Take these examples and twist them into your own brand voice! In case you want to drive more sales, be sure to combine your Abandoned Cart SMS automations with the Customer Reactivation and new Text Marketing campaigns. Happy Easter! Let us know how your promotions went with SMSBump!

This article was originally published by our friends at SMSbump.

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