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Easy-Peasy Ways To Make Your Packaging Pop

Getting packaging to stand out doesn’t have to involve expensive materials or complex designs.

Below are a few simple ways to make product packaging striking and memorable. 

Key Takeaways

  • Use bright colors, patterns, and unique shapes to make your packaging eye-catching and memorable. Bold designs grab attention on crowded shelves.
  • Choose packaging materials that reflect your brand identity. Eco-friendly options appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Incorporate clear product information and branding elements like your logo prominently on the packaging.
  • Consider special features like resealable closures or easy-open tabs to enhance functionality and convenience for the customer.
  • Test out different packaging options with your target audience to see what resonates best before committing to a design.

Use bold colors

Bold colors are a simple and effective way to make packaging stand out. When choosing colours, you need to a) think about the psychological connotations of that colour, and b) think about how it reflects your brand. For example, red can symbolize excitement, hunger, love, or danger. Blue, meanwhile, can symbolize calm, trust, intelligence, or stability. This is why you’re more likely to find an energy drink with red packaging and a herbal tea with blue packaging. Of course, that isn’t to say that you should adopt the same color as other similar brands – sometimes, going against the grain can make your product stand out. 

Put a bow on it

Tying a ribbon around the packaging to make a bow can be a simple way to make it stand out and can make it feel more like a gift. You can buy ribbons in all kinds of different colors. With small-scale artisan products, you’ll probably want to hand-tie these bows. With mass-produced products, there may be ways of automating the applications of ribbons, but this will cost you more money. There are other ways to play around with packaging texture to give it a more gift feel, such as using string or wrinkled paper. 

Consider creative cutouts

Adding cut-outs to packaging can offer a glimpse of the product and even potentially the option to touch the product (which could be necessary with certain products like clothes or toys).  Creatively shaped cutouts can be a great way to make your packaging feel a little more unique. This could include a heart cut-out to give a product a sense of romance or a star cut-out to provide a sense of glitz or cosmology. Cut-outs could be covered in clear plastic to protect the product, serving more like a window (you could even style them like a window). 

Add a sticker

A simple way to spice up essential packaging is to add a sticker. This could be a sticker with your brand name, information about the product, or instructions. Many ecommerce companies have started using stickers on their shipping packaging to add a touch of excitement. Stickers can also be attached to artisan products without giving them too much commercialised look. There are many ways in which you can make stickers stand out. Consider opting for holographic stickers to make your packaging more playful.

Supersize your logo

Printing your logo on your packaging is essential for helping to build brand awareness and maintain brand consistency. You can make this logo impossible to ignore by making it extra large and putting it in the center of all your packaging. This is something Mcdonald's does with their signature ‘M’ and Apple with their logo. With a large and firm logo, you don’t need any other embellishments. Just having a logo will force consumers to focus on this.

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