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eCommerce Company Salaries Explained

ecommerce company salaries

With an ever-increasing number of customers buying products online, an increasing demand for qualified professionals in this field has also emerged. Every individual earns differently, from back-end developers to writers and designers, making it challenging for candidates to know how much they can expect to earn.

This article highlights the salaries of professionals in an e-commerce company, pointing out the average salaries based on a person’s job role.

Reasons eCommerce Is a Good Career Path

The e-commerce industry has grown rapidly over the past few years and is already dense with several skilled professionals. But it remains an excellent career path for several reasons.

Ability to work remotely

ECommerce can be a great career path for those looking for the freedom to work away from an office. With most transactions and operations happening online, this type of job allows people to make money from anywhere in the world. You can work from home or go on a vacation – it doesn’t matter to the employer as long as you send them quality and timely work.

E-Commerce also allows workers to set their own hours and take on projects that interest them. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want to create a flexible career path.

Having a Long-Term Global Growth Potential

eCommerce is one of the most promising career paths in today’s global economy. Here are some reasons why eCommerce is a great career path with long-term global growth potential:

Widening Opportunities: With the right skills and knowledge, anyone can start their own business or become an affiliate marketer in this field. As more businesses move online, these opportunities will only continue to grow.

Low Cost of Entry: Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, eCommerce requires relatively little capital to get started.

International Expansion Potential: With relatively low overhead costs, businesses can easily reach out to customers worldwide.

Ever-Changing Nature of Technology: The digital landscape is always in flux, so there will always be new opportunities to explore in eCommerce. As consumer behavior changes and technology advances, businesses can keep up with the latest trends by staying ahead of the curve.

Creative and Innovative Opportunities

eCommerce offers an abundance of creative and innovative opportunities for career-minded individuals. Whether it’s building an online store from the ground up, mastering a platform such as Shopify or Magento, or leveraging digital marketing tools and tactics to increase sales and conversions, eCommerce professionals can find ample opportunities to utilize their talents and grow professionally.

Opportunity for Career Progression

eCommerce is a booming industry that offers plenty of opportunities for career progression. With the right skills, you can progress quickly in the field – from entry-level positions to higher management roles.

While the industry is booming, many people are still underpaid. If you’re one of them, you can ask for a raise. You can find below the average salary for your position. Use a salary raise calculator to determine what percentage you should aim for when asking for a raise.

eCommerce Salaries by Job Title

ecommerce salaries

Source: Unsplash

Remember that salaries vary significantly according to qualifications, experience, and job description.

According to the job title, here are the average salaries you can expect from an eCommerce company:

eCommerce Manager: $66,560 per year

Digital Marketer: $56,734 per year

Product Manager: $143,850 per year

Marketing Specialist: $52,233 per year

PPC Manager: $66255 per year

Web Analytics Manager: $79680 per year

App/Website Developer: $85579 per year

Director of User Experience: $157,763 per year

Business Analyst: $80,522 per year 

Project Manager: $88,227 per year

Customer Service Representative: $37,253 per year

Photo and Video Editor: $48491 per year

Social Media Manager: $54,358 per year

Content Writer: $51,095 per year

Virtual Assistant: $39446 per year

Order Clerks: $33633 per year

Delivery Rider: $39135 per year

Intern: $43,870 per year

Key Takeaways

The e-commerce industry is bursting with opportunities, and the salaries e-commerce companies pay are ever-rising due to the increased demand.

These are the points you should remember from this article:

  • eCommerce offers flexible and creative opportunities for career-minded individuals.
  • It has a low cost of entry with the potential to reach customers worldwide.
  • Working in eCommerce provides long-term global growth potential.
  • There are many roles available in the eCommerce industry with varying salaries, depending on qualifications and experience.
  • The salaries for different roles in the e-commerce industry vary highly, from $33,633 per year for order clerks to $143,850 per year for product managers.
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