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eCommerce Customer Experience: 10 Challenges To Focus On For Improved Customer Loyalty (2022)

A group of people collaborating on sticky notes for improved customer loyalty.

Competition has increased, and there are a large number of companies out there that have the same services and products as you. You need to set yourself apart from them. Forming better strategies to attract customers and make them stay loyal to your brand is a necessary aspect of becoming successful. Gathering data about consumer behavior is the first step to forming better customer experiences and making them stay. 

Other than collecting consumer data, you need to find new prospects and customize better experiences for your consumers. It is essential to understand what challenges are so that you can overcome them.

Key Challenges to Focus on for Improved Customer Loyalty 

1. Learn How to Manage Your Data

Managing the data you collect about your prospects is the most challenging part of retaining customers. And how to use that data is another problematic aspect. But if you want to know your customer better, then collecting data about your customers becomes a necessary evil. It helps you understand your targets, whether gym enthusiasts or foodies. You can use the Shopify website development to create your website and manage data. 

If you find better strategies to manage data, you can personalize the products and offers you send to your consumers. These management practices also help you to divide your prospects into groups like gym enthusiasts and foodies so that you can send customized offers.

2. Increase Customer Retention

Gaining new customers is seen as increasing your customer base and sales. So companies look for strategies that focus on attracting new customers rather than retaining the ones they already have. Their customers are gone. At times they require their customers to increase their revenue. 

You should form careful strategies to understand what customer base is necessary for you and the group of prospects you should let go of. You can interact with your customers emotionally and make them communicate with you even when there are no ongoing sales.   

3. Handle Customer Queries

Many companies think customer service is not necessary to retain customers. It helps them to decrease the cost, but it also reduces the customer experience. These companies end up with no proper agents to handle customers' queries.

As per Microsoft's report, 90% of consumers believe in good customer service as their first criterion for the selection of a brand. Your in-store and at-call staff should be polite, friendly, and helpful – customers who receive better service stay with the brand for extended periods. 

4. Give Importance to Customer Feedback

If customers are not satisfied, they will likely not leave feedback. And if they are leaving feedback, you should be grateful for it. Feedback should be treated as a gift; even if it is not your liking, you should be thankful for it. 

You should implement the possible changes and keep track of all your feedback. These feedbacks are crucial to understanding what the customers want from you. 

5. Lack of Personalization 

Everybody around is providing the customers with the same generic service. What makes you different from them? Modern customers demand personalized services and goods for them, which helps them connect with the brand more – not providing customers with what they want leads to a decrease in customer input. 

Gathering accurate data and then segmenting them helps you to understand what a particular customer base wants. It will, in turn, allow you to find how you can create more personalized messages and offers for your customers. 

Image Credit: Unsplash 

6. Not Focussing on Customer Experience

Companies often concentrate on increasing their customer base but don't focus on creating better experiences for their customers. Better experiences can be made by trying to improve a range of touchpoints and pathways involved in generating customers. 

You can create a better customer experience by offering a higher discount if they offer to pay for higher service. You can provide other benefits like bundle pricing, which will help increase the number of services your customers use.

7. Don't Let Your Customer Wait

An essential part of providing good service is not making customers wait for what they want. And to achieve this, you need to get to know your customers better. It would help if you were quick, convenient, and efficient in answering customers ‘ queries and solving their problems. 

One way to increase the efficiency of your service can be by making service accessible and on time.

8. Ignoring Customer-Specific Progress

A customer would most likely come to a place that provides them with a better service and shows them noticeable results if your customers can successfully point out how your product has influenced their goals and helped them get results. 

You can do this by tracking your customers and finding out metrics that are important for your customers. It is essential to be transparent while displaying results to your customers and be honest about where your product or service did help or where it can improve.

9. Not Offering Relevant Discounts & Offers

You should include discounts and promotions in your retention strategy that are limited to a specific period. They contribute to the feeling of urgency. Additionally, the benefits of unique discounts and offers include regular assistance in clearing your inventory. It creates space for fresh ideas.

 10. Forgetting to Set Expectations

Customers can quickly become irate if expectations are not correctly stated and communicated. They might think you can deliver results on X immediately, but in practice, you have to devote time and resources for months to see such outcomes.

To ensure that expectations are satisfied, it is crucial to comprehend different points of view and communicate how goals are progressing, what is included in purchases, your communication style, etc. As a result, clients will remain satisfied, and the relationship will last longer.


The first and foremost thing in retaining customers and increasing their brand loyalty is the need to understand them better. You can do this by actively gathering customer surveys and metrics and looking for any loopholes in your customer service. Trying to form a better relationship with your customers is another crucial factor that helps to boost your customer loyalty. 

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