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Ecommerce Features & Tools You Need To Convert More


While teams are tightening budgets, investing in ecommerce tools may seem lavish. But the truth is, implementing solutions with ecommerce features that help reach your online store’s goals helps save money and makes working with smaller teams easier.

Along with smaller teams comes less resources to research tools, so we put together this easy guide to help sort through ecommerce features offered with many advanced ecommerce tools.

Site Search Features


Autocomplete is what happens when a shopper starts typing a search and relevant terms automatically pop up.

This helpful feature helps guide shoppers to relevant results. It also gets them in front of what they’re looking for faster.

Learn More About Autocomplete


A tool like IntelliSuggest takes the top 250 search queries on your online store and puts them at the top so shoppers can find them easier.

Learn More About IntelliSuggest

Semantic Search 

Semantic Search breaks apart words in searches and identifies which are product categories and which are attributes. This helps guide shoppers to more relevant products.

Learn More About Semantic Search


Some words mean one thing to one person but another thing to another person. Sofa vs couch vs davenport, for example. Are people searching for one term but it’s worded as something else on your site? Find out and fix it. Using an ecommerce solution that lets you set up synonyms leads to higher conversions due to increased findability.

Personalization Features

Personalized Email Recommendations

When email follow-ups are personalized for each shopper, they’re more likely to buy more. Key in to each customer needs with truly personalized messages that include order confirmations, abandoned cart items, preferences, and more. This feature saves teams manual work and streamlines processes.

Learn More About Email Recommendations

Personalized Product Recommendations 

Many native ecommerce platforms have built-in product recommendations, but they’re general and blanketed. Find an ecommerce tool that uses shopper behavior to suggest alternate items and to cross-sell and upsell products. The more personal, the more likely they are to buy and increase cart size.

Learn More About Personalized Product Recommendations

Personalized Search and Merchandising 

Did you know there are products out there that personalize on-site search results? They exist, and they definitely help increase conversions. Personalize product searches based on previous behavior to reach your ecommerce goals.

Learn More About Personalized Search and Merchandising

Ecommerce Merchandising Features

Boost Rules 

Advanced merchandising tools help ecommerce sites control what shoppers see. This includes the ability to boost certain products to the top of pages. Choose what customers see in a strategic way to boost conversions. Display best sellers, trending products, or new arrivals right where shoppers will see them.

Inline Banners 

Communication with shoppers is important. Make sure shoppers know about sales, shipping info, and payment options with the use of inline banners. These banners show up across the website or on specific pages. Make sure to pick a provider that allows you to have complete control over the messaging and placement.

Learn More About Inline Banners

Merchandising Campaigns and Custom Landing Pages

Implementing a merchandising solution on your site means having more control. Merchandising campaigns are a great way to integrate marketing messaging with custom landing pages.

Learn More About Merchandising Campaigns

Work Smarter Not Harder

With the right ecommerce features and tools in place, there is a way to work smarter, not harder – even with a smaller team and tighter budget. Understand your needs and implement features that will help boost conversions.

Special thanks to our friends at Searchspring for their insights on this topic.
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