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The 12 Best Ecommerce Marketing Strategies You Should Try

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

A well-planned marketing strategy can be the determining factor for success or failure in achieving record sales.

As most businesses are now operating online, virtual competition is inevitable. For this reason, online marketers must always carefully consider the ecommerce strategies they adopt.

The purpose of marketing is not only to generate sales but also to communicate with consumers. The fact that your products will bring them well is a message you want them to know, believe, and act- that’s what marketing strategies do for you. The correct approaches need methodical implementation to bring out the intended results. This is why people look for the best marketing strategies.

There are several practices for ecommerce marketing, but the best are deemed so for several good reasons. Many online retailers cognize those methods as remarkably advantageous.

Here are the best marketing strategies for online businesses you will find responding to your needs. Let’s go through them right away.

What is Ecommerce Marketing?

E-commerce, known as electronic commerce/ internet commerce, is a broadening platform for buying and selling products or services online. Instead of going to a physical store, buyers can choose their required commodities and services from different online stores (such as Vuly Play), order those, make payments, and get them delivered- all these activities are included in the e-commerce process.

On that note, let’s talk about e-commerce marketing. Ecommerce marketing is the cumulative measures or tactics incorporated to create brand awareness, drive traffic, and boost online store sales.

Why are Marketing Strategies for E-commerce Required?

The inclusion of reasons like convenience, comfort, availability, time, and money-saving opportunities have been working together to make people rely more on online shopping. As a result, 2.05 billion people bought online in 2020, Oberlo states.

The number of online shoppers will increase in the upcoming days, and so will the competition. Predicting that all the online store owners are constantly updating their practice of ecommerce business strategy so that they will stay caught up in the battle.

Digital marketing strategies are an inevitable set of techniques for online store owners if they want their online stores to keep surviving and effectuate towards ranking. These are continuous approaches, and the goal is to meet constant revenue targets for online business people.

The 12 Best Ecommerce Marketing Strategies You Should Try

A good strategy will propel the business- that’s why business people tend to focus more on the system. Look at the top 12 ecommerce marketing solutions successful online businessmen recommended.

Strategy 1: Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads


Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) is another name for Google Shopping Ads, one of the best ad platforms for e-business marketing. It is an ideal platform to advertise where potential customers are bound to come.

When users search for their needed product, if that brand already has Google ads running, those searchers will find the items on the search results, which are generally directed to the sellers’ websites.

Experts say that platforms like Shopify or Woocommerce are best suited for this campaign. Google shopping ads users have asserted that they have progressive CTR and conversion rate results.

Strategy 2: Content Marketing

Lee Odden said, “Content is the reason search began in the first place.”

Content marketing, known as inbound marketing, is no less important; instead, it is among the vital ones. The purpose and SEO-optimized content can serve beyond description. Being an ecommerce businessman, one of your prioritized considerations is to appear first in a Google search.

A well-written content specifying a particular product’s aspects can help reign you over others online. Promote original content on your site that embraces SEO guidelines.

Not necessarily all the content you publish must be related to your product or services; you can also post other content on the field. For example, a photo editing company can have a designated blog section to promote content regarding commercial product photography, photography post-production, photoshop, ecommerce store image requirement guidelines, etc.

Strategy 3: Email Marketing

Email Marketing

This is another result-producing, effective marketing strategy for ecommerce. According to Hubspot 2021, about 80% of marketers have seen engagement boosts through email in the last 12 months.

We all check our emails daily; we check the mail subject, skim the mail body, and decide whether to go through or scroll backward. There are no basic rules to ensure that putting these elements in a mail will convince anyone to read it, but there are ways.

By considering certain matters, you can change your mail copy to engage the reader and convince them to read. You can try out a newsletter campaign with the following information-

  • Your business.
  • Products and features.
  • Any promotional offer
  • Pricing structure
  • Any course or special event

While doing so, try personalizing with your targeted audience. Don’t be robotic; don’t just go on telling. Connecting them with your products or services will help pique their curiosity.

Ensure to monitor the analytics of mail marketing performance. You can produce consistent results once you find the tactical method that works for you.

Strategy 4: Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great medium to connect people as this is a free-of-cost platform. Moreover, with 4.33 billion social media users across the globe, this is a well-timed platform for commercial purposes any business person can think of.

As a medium of ecommerce advertising, it is a powerful tool to reach more prospective clients, promote products/services that address people’s needs, become recognizable, and build brands.

You can quickly implement promotional ideas for your ecommerce business through this platform. The most used platforms that e-business strategists prefer are- LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Please take advantage of these platforms as much as possible and keep your followers updated with your product/service posts to communicate with them. It is also essential to keep it unified; I mean to make sure all those platforms sing the same tune; what activities those platforms serve should lead you to achieve your target.

Strategy 5: Video Marketing

Video Marketing

As global internet users are very fond of video, adopting such a method to engage them to fulfill business purposes has become relatively more straightforward. We can see videos in almost every medium.

A 2020 statistic by Wyzowl revealed that 83% of video marketers claimed to get lead generations with videos, whereas 80% claimed to have increased sales.

Being an inevitably trendy digital marketing tool, the idea of using video is worthy of your e-commerce marketing plan that displays the benefits of your product or services or instruction videos on how to use it so that people can understand what you will bring to their table.

You can create short videos and long videos to showcase what kind of service or product you are offering. For example, Adobe Photoshop released a video showcasing the newly incorporated advancements the software has brought in their latest update.

Strategy 6: Focus on site speed

Researchers of different digital market strategies found that the sites needing help with loading speed have difficulty with their bounce rate and keeping up the ranking position.

As an e-commerce businessman, you cannot have your site loading speed fluctuate for a long time. To get this right, check and take the necessary steps to improve your site’s loading speed.

The better your site load speed is, the more priority you will get from Google. Users will get quick visibility of your site. And thus, these will ultimately lead you to a high CTR, conversion, and bounce rate.

Strategy 7: Product Page Optimization for Search Engine

For many reasons, business forms tend to go for a virtual business; the case doesn’t end here. How can you run a business if you are not up for profit? The same goes for online stores. That’s where SEO comes in to ensure your virtual store is fit for the online battle.

Optimize your product page to increase organic search. There are many ways to optimize the SEO for your product page, such as keyword implementation in the product description, unique and high-quality content, website loading speed, image optimization, and so on.

As SEO optimization has proven to be one of the most vital e-commerce strategies, a well-optimized product page can drive traffic, increase conversions, and help grow sales.

Strategy 8: Product Structured Markup Language

Another proven strategic method is adding structured markup language for products. It may seem like something other than the mainstream strategies we come up with, but for online businesses, it is better to avoid them.

Add a structured markup language of our product at the backend of the designated page. Rich snippets will influence Google to suggest your product when people search for your products online.

Doing this to your product page will help you in many ways. Your clients will get detailed information about your product, and it’s more accessible to index.

Strategy 9: Well-written Product Description

The product description does make a difference to positivity when the report is understandable and transparent. Of course, the product displayed on an online store has some messages for its potential buyers, which should be well said. Being ambiguous or unclear in this place will result drastically.

When you get a copy of your product, ensure it complies with users’ problems. The more your description can relate to that point, the easier it will be for them to focus on you.

A well-written SEO-optimized product description can help your products quickly appear when anyone searches. While doing so, you must adequately implement keywords in required positions and optimize supreme-quality product photos.

Strategy 10: Voice Search Optimization (VSO)

E-commerce voice search optimization allows prospective consumers to find products they need by speaking on any online site. We usually type and search, but this advanced technology will enable us to ask something and see the results.

Voice searching is being embedded in the devices we use every day. We are close to utterly dependent on voice search shortly. This process of searching, finding, ordering, and every shopping experience is relatively more straightforward.

Optimizing voice search for your online business is another right card to play. While doing so, use a communicative tone and long-tail keywords. Ensure that your spoken contents are not incomprehensible, and by no means should these not affect your page speed.

Strategy 11: UGC and Influencer Marketing

UGC and influencer Marketing

UGC and influencer marketing are 2 of the best marketing strategies you cannot but consider.

Let’s talk first about UGC or User-generated content. This content can be text, post, testimonial, review, photo, or video. Brands or companies start such campaigns online or on social platforms to engage or connect more people and encourage them to share their parts of the story.

Another option is influencer marketing, a strategy to stir the maximum audience by casting people with expertise or a reputation in a particular field.

Strategy 12: Implement an Affiliate Marketing Program

You can implement affiliate marketing programs as well. It is an online selling strategy where marketers can promote a product and get paid per click, lead, or sale.

Marketers can write about a product they like, discuss, or show reviews, providing the link they want their viewers or readers to buy or check. For example, many marketers create their distinguished affiliate blog content site with product reviews, and those products are linked to e-commerce websites like Amazon.

You can choose to allow affiliate marketing as an effective marketing strategy for online businesses. You get advertisements for your product free of cost, but it is said to have a positive ROI.

Final Verdict

Ecommerce business has reached a point where there is no turning back; instead, it will leap forward. Hence, to keep up with this ongoing process, we can’t hope that the strategies we once adopted will result in the same again, and that’s where the necessity of ecommerce marketing strategies comes in.

We need to keep track of our and our competitors’ activities, adopt new policies, and find ways that work. The 12 strategies mentioned above have been pointed out with the best intentions to aid you with your online marketing strategies. The more you make this work, the better your chance of getting a productive outcome.

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