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Using Email Automation to Improve Your Business



When a business first opens its doors, managing email marketing may be possible for one person, rather than an entire team of social media markers. However, as a company grows, managing emails can become a huge time commitment if they are not being properly managed.


Fortunately for all of the small business owners managing their own email lists, email automation has become a powerful and easily accessible tool, and can be implemented into any website in a number of ways:


  • To encourage customers to take advantage of a sale or discount code.
  • To remind customers of their recently viewed/favorited products
  • To deliver important newsletters
  • To encourage reviews/obtain feedback
  • To deliver receipts


This list covers only a small percentage of what can be done by using email automation. By implementing email automation, it’s easier than ever to increase conversion rates through reminders, reviews, newsletters, and email-only discount codes.


One of the biggest concerns for any ecommerce entrepreneur is a high rate of cart abandonment. Email automaton is an excellent way to combat cart abandonment, as emails can be used as a reminder to those who may have left the store without placing their order.


Emails can be used to combat cart abandonment by including a small discount code or free shipping to encourage customer commitment, and can even be used to instill a sense of urgency in the customer. When customers believe that they have a limited period of time to make a purchase, they will be far more likely to make the complete the transaction.


Email automation can also be used in several practical ways to cut down the amount of time one might be spending replying to emails or reaching out to new customers:


  • Automate reminders for meetings and other events.
  • Automate cold sales outreach efforts
  • Automate responses to service inquiries with an email funnel
  • Automate weekly newsletters/welcome emails
  • Use Automated Sequences to increase customer interest in the brand


Finally, email automation can be used to personalize the shopping experience for each customer. By tracking email behavior, entrepreneurs can better understand their customer’s shopping habits, and in turn can make changes that will encourage better conversion rates.


This can also be achieved by sending product recommendations to customers in order to personalize their experience. If a customer buys a DSLR camera from a website, the website can likely make future sales by advertising lenses, carrying cases, and tripods by email to that customer.


Emails can also be used to automate billing, increase productivity, and orient new customers when they first sign up to use a product. Whatever your needs may be, email automation has something to offer your business, and can be used in dozens of ways to improve the flow of business.


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