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Worldwide today, three-billion people use email. Marketing agencies, like a Facebook ad agency specializing in email marketing can tap into these billions of email users to directly and personally connect with them. Are you using email to connect to your customers or potential customers to drive up sales? Using email marketing strategies effectively can boost traffic to your website and increase sales. Consider these powerful statistics about marketing with email and apply them to your own digital campaigns to achieve success.

Return on Investment

The average return on investment (ROI) for email marketing is $38 for every $1 spent. Is that an ROI you could live with? For many businesses, stretching those marketing dollars is imperative. With so many variables and unknowns, it can be difficult to determine where and in what channels to invest those dollars. Many businesses still find email to be a safe bet. It's true–not every industry or product can meet with a windfall via email, but with an average ROI like that, it's worth considering.

Email Users Stay Connected

According to recent statistics, “more than 50 percent of U.S. respondents check their personal email account more than 10 times a day.” Perhaps this is why emails actually reach 85% of the users they're sent to. As a marketer putting in long hours, trying to create compelling ads and messages, it's naturally important for you to connect with potential customers. Email is clearly one of the most reliable ways to ensure that customers are getting your messages. If you're attempting to reach your customers via social media or some other channel, are you getting through to them 85% of the time? Check your measurements. It might be time to put more emphasis on your email campaigns.

Influence Purchase Decisions

More than half of email users who receive marketing emails say that those emails have affected their purchase decisions. That's a powerful statistic because it tells marketers that they do, indeed, have the power to persuade. By creating emails that help consumers make those purchase decisions, you can build trust while boosting sales.

Customers Like Email

In case you're worried that email marketing is becoming a little antiquated in the wake of social media and text connections, you should relax. Nine out of every ten customers report that email is the preferred channel for receiving communications from companies. That stat is telling you that your customers want you to connect with them over email. They might miss messaging on social media. They might find text messages too invasive. Email, however, offers convenience and reliability. Consumers know that your message will stay in their inbox, and when they have time, they can check it out. Before investing your marketing dollars elsewhere, consider that fact and proceed accordingly.

Emails Trigger Engagement

When designing advertisements, brands understand the importance of including a call to action, but certain channels are better at getting answers to those calls–and email is one of them. Statistics demonstrate that email provides more engagement than other channels, including social media platforms. The open rate for a message sent via email is 22.68%. That number shrinks to just .58% on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If you want people to engage with your brand, you have a better chance of making it happen with email messaging.

Greeting and Thank-You Messages: Mind Your Ps & Qs!

Who would have thought that companies would be so positively rewarded simply for sending welcome messages to new customers and thank-you messages to customers who have just made a purchase? And if you provide a link to something useful to download, you can count on an 88.7% open rate. What can you offer your customers? Try a coupon.

Invest in Segmented Emails

A single email can't provide all things to all customers. Many brands are experimenting with just this assumption and using segmented emails. Segmented email campaigns have generated a whopping 760% in increased revenue. What does segmenting mean? It can mean that you're sending one particular email to women and another to men. It means you are personalizing your messaging for a target audience. If you're a clothing retailer, you can showcase women's fashions to women and men's fashions to men. It makes sense–and it seems to be making dollars too.

Email Users Spend More

Still need more convincing to ramp up your email marketing campaign? According to another statistic, people who purchase products or services via email wind up spending 138% more than people who do not get email offers. This makes sense, especially if you recall that most of your email customers actually gave you their email and permission to use it at some point. These people are already interested in your brand, so why not tap them again and again with offers designed to entice them back to spend even more on your great products and services?

It's true–there are many new advances in the world of digital marketing, but as tired as email might seem to your marketing team, remind them that it's still king when it comes to connecting digitally with customers. If you only have a limited budget to spend on marketing initiatives, you need to carefully consider what avenues are likely to provide you with the best return on your investment. If you can only afford one of those avenues, it had best be email.

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This article originally appeared by our friends at MuteSix.

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