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Embrace The Vivid Colors Of An Electric Scooter In Sydney

embrace the vivid colors of an electric scooter in sydney

Imagine a night filled with color and illumination, a vibrant tapestry of creativity that enchants and encapsulates one in a mesmerizing way!

That’s the Vivid Sydney, a renowned annual celebration of creativity, innovation, and technology, poised to enchant visitors once again. And this year, for its 13th year to be exact, the event promises a fusion of art, innovation, and nature under the artistic direction of “Vivid Sydney, Naturally.” 

The city of Sydney, Australia, will come alive with mesmerizing art displays, 3D light projections, live music performances, stimulating discussions, and, for the first time, the launch of Vivid Food, celebrating Sydney's culinary excellence. 

Vivid Sydney is more than just a festival; it is an immersive experience transforming the streets into a visual wonderland. With so much to see and encounter, there’s no reason to miss this event, and believe it or not, there is a perfect e-ride that complements the brilliance of Vivid Sydney – it’s the high-performance, futuristic, light-studded, intelligent electric scooter by Mearth that stands as the ideal companion, with its colorful, illuminated design. One of the best places to get it at the best price ever, guaranteed, is at Ride Hub Australia, Home of the Electrified Beasts (E-Rides).

A SPECtacular Display of Light, Art, and Technology

The combination of captivating art installations, 3D light projections, and the pulsating energy of live music performances create an atmosphere that is genuinely awe-inspiring.

As visitors traverse the illuminated streets, the Mearth Cyber e-scooter becomes a beacon of light itself. With its bright, colorful ambient LED lighting that adorns all of the electric scooters, from the frame to the deck, this Mearth Cyber adds an extra enchantment to the Vivid Sydney experience. Riders can cruise through the illuminated cityscape, becoming part of the living artwork and capturing the attention of onlookers with their dazzling presence.

The Mearth Cyber E-Scooter is not only visually striking but also an incredible beast of transportation. It has specs that will blow one's mind, especially with its power. It is built with a rated 3200W brushless HUB Dual Motor with a peak power of 4000W that gives it the ability to run a max speed of 75 km/hr (default is still 25 km/hr in accordance with Australian laws) with a max range of 75 km and climb a slope with a climbing grade of 70%.

The Mearth Cyber also carries a built-in battery that’s 60V 26Ah with 4A Fast Charge Technology. How fast? Get 30-80% in just 1 hour (when you use 2 chargers simultaneously) or 2 hours with a single charger.

It also carries built-in 10” pneumatic tires, making it wear-resistant against all odds, be it cement, uneven roads, mud, bricks, and gravel road riding, all thanks to the highly resistant rubber it has. This also makes it non-slip, anti-skid, and shock–absorbing, offering a comfortable ride that prevents leaks and damage to the tires.

One can be assured of the Mearth Cyber as its prominent features include being an intelligent electric scooter with the ability to adjust the torque capable of providing the best riding experience based on the given situations it is in. The torque is the twisting force that tends to cause rotation. This e-scooter also has built-in Sine-wave controllers, the most technologically advanced controllers available to power an electric scooter, as it intelligently connects all the electrical parts of the e-scooter. 

Another prominent feature is its Anti-Theft System that allows one to set up a password for their powerful e-scooter so that it would only start at one’s command. Speaking of safety, rest assured all of Mearth’s electric scooters have passed industry-standard testing, guaranteeing safety to the best of its efforts so one can feel secure on every ride. It is also built-in with front and rear Nutt/Zoom hydraulic brakes + ABS Braking System, and also enhanced and protected with built-in front and rear suspensions, making the Mearth Cyber robust and sturdy. Additionally, it can be water-resistant with an IP Rating of IP54.

Since it is feature-rich, it weighs 39 kg but can carry a whopping weight of 180 kg. 

A Synergy of Vibrancy

The synergy between Vivid Sydney and the Mearth Cyber E-Scooter is evident in their shared passion for creativity, innovation, and captivating experiences. As Vivid Sydney showcases the intersection of art, technology, and nature, the Mearth Cyber E-Scooter embodies these elements with its vibrant, illuminated design and cutting-edge electric mobility.

Just to go a little more in-depth, the Mearth Cyber is made out of the 6000 Series Aero-grade Aluminum Alloy, specially painted with a sleek matt black finish, one can be enthralled design-wise that they will arrive at any destination especially Vivid Sydney in-style.

Designed with a Central Color Display, this e-scooter carries a high-contrast 3.5 inch Thin-Film-Transistor (TFT) colorful matrix screen. In the age of cyber, lights are everything. The Mearth Cyber is equipped with numerous bright lights in every possible way. 

  • Front dual LED headlight – attached to the stem and brightens the path ahead for full visibility
  • The Mearth Cyber logo also shines interchangeable lights on the stem and on both sides of the deck
  • Brake lights are also available to spread awareness around every time one brakes
  • And last but not least, built-in turning lights to signal whether one is going left or right. 

With its colorful LED lights, convenient mobility, and innovative design, the Mearth Cyber seamlessly integrates into the captivating atmosphere of Vivid Sydney, allowing riders to become part of the living artwork and create unforgettable memories amidst the city's transformation into a radiant wonderland.

By embracing the Mearth Cyber E-Scooter as the vehicle of choice during Vivid Sydney, riders not only enhance their personal experience and join in with being part of a sustainable transport system but also become a living part of the festival's kaleidoscope of color and energy. It is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of art and technology, where the spirit of Vivid Sydney is amplified through the eye-catching presence of the Mearth Cyber.

Vivid Sydney 2023 promises to be a spectacular celebration of art, innovation, and nature. As visitors immerse themselves in the brilliance of illuminated installations, live performances, and thought-provoking discussions, the Mearth Cyber E-Scooter serves as the perfect companion, adding its own vibrant glow to the experience. With its powerful electric motor and long-lasting battery, the Mearth Cyber provides a smooth and efficient ride, ensuring that visitors can fully immerse themselves in the myriad of Vivid Sydney experiences without worrying about fatigue or time constraints. Whether it's exploring the iconic light projections, attending captivating talks, or indulging in the multisensory delights of Vivid Food, the Mearth Cyber E-Scooter allows riders to effortlessly navigate the festival's bustling streets with pride and ease.


Spice Up Your Life, Ride An Electric Scooter Today
Spice Up Your Life, Ride An Electric Scooter Today

Spice Up Your Life, Ride An Electric Scooter Today

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