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Emotional Marketing: The Secret To Brand Loyalty


Let’s cut right to the chase. What is emotional marketing?

Emotional marketing is the marketing and advertising efforts that employ emotion to make an audience notice, remember, share, and ultimately, buy.

Emotional marketing taps into a reader’s sympathy and compassion, anger and disappointment, desire for love, feeling of sadness, and more. It creates and addresses these feelings, even if they weren’t there before, to trigger an emotional response and keep shoppers coming back.
Emotional marketing works because it creates connection
Typically, emotional marketing taps into one emotion to connect with consumers and elicit a response. Strong emotions stick with people; they remember when and why they felt them, and they tend to act on those decisions more impulsively and frequently.

Studies show that people rely on emotions, rather than information, to make decisions. Out of 1,400 successful advertising campaigns, those with purely emotional content performed about twi …

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