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Empowering Brands In A New Era Of Ecommerce


How can enterprise brands work towards solving their complex problems when they look to upgrade ecommerce operations?

Leading Illinois-based agency Americaneagle.com reveals how they aim to offer customers comprehensive solutions to increase site traffic, boost conversions, and jumpstart revenue. And how they’ve been delivering this is a valuable takeaway for any brand hoping to evolve its digital shopping channels.

The evolving ecommerce space urges forward-thinking brands to solve for keeping conversion rates high and increasing revenue, especially in light of how popular online shopping has become: For the first quarter of 2021, U.S. ecommerce sales grew 39% year-over-year to $199 billion.

Map it out

Navigating the nuances of creating an engaging digital asset can be more overwhelming for enterprise businesses with complex needs, but  Americaneagle.com has easily tackled those challenges. The agency has long been respected as a trusted agency known for elevating websites for firms hoping to do more than mimic their bricks-and-mortar star in an online format.

As its site notes, “The team at Americaneagle.com understands that each client has a different story and unique digital goals. Regardless of business size, industry, or technology, our talented team has a proven track record of delivering exciting, high-performing digital solutions that produce positive results for businesses across the globe.”

Transform your brand's digital presence through website design.

What are some areas in ecommerce that enterprise clients may require assistance to understand?

Success in digital-first begins when brands take customer mapping seriously, as Derek Cwik, Director of Integration at Americaneagle.com, notes.

“I’m a big advocate for brands to go through customer journey mapping exercises, which act as visual aids to help them understand where buyers are interacting with them, whether via digital or offline channels. And what does that customer flow look like and is there any friction or pain that causes customers to not engage further with the brand or abandon their carts?”

Trendspotting, vital customer service

Americaneagle.com seeks to empower enterprise clients by giving them the kind of support that every business should look for in an agency. Those partnerships require “a dedicated suite of resource personnel at your fingertips,” says Rhiannon Williams, Partner Marketing Manager at Americaneagle.com.

Brands should work with trusted partners that can provide project sponsors, senior front-end developers, lead architects, UX specialists, and more experienced personnel.

How Americaneagle.com uplifts digital assets could provide brands with a blueprint for partnering with agencies aiming to do the same.

Williams says, “As a technology-based company, we must stay on top of the latest trends and innovations to familiarize ourselves with the newest technologies and best practices, along with constant recertification on all CMS and ecommerce platforms on new functionality and updates.”

Another practice Americaneagle.com has stressed to its clients is the importance of continual improvement based on customer feedback.

“Keep talking to your customers,” Cwik says, “and you can use customer surveys or heat mapping to understand their behavior on your site.”

With heat mapping, brands can track how visitors use the site and which areas of a particular page attract more mouse rollovers, for example.

To further explain the value of heat mapping in ecommerce, this post writes:

“Making decisions about website architecture without significant data can be a shot in the dark. Compounding this difficulty is the assumptions we form as people working inside a business daily.

Heatmaps allow us to test our assumptions and validate decisions before they go live. Not only can you use a heatmap to analyze the current state of your site, but you can also (depending on which tools you use) leverage them to monitor the performance of both variations in an A/B test.

As a valued Bold Commerce partner, Americaneagle.com works with various Bold Commerce apps, such as Checkout, to encourage innovation among their clients seeking to scale their ecommerce operations.

“Having a checkout partner that is malleable and flexible can help positively impact site conversions, and Bold is a strategic partner aligned to our long-term vision,” says Williams.

Americaneagle.com in action

Several years ago, working with WeatherTech, a retailer of auto accessories, Americaneagle.com discussed with the brand how their website wasn’t converting as efficiently as they would like. Above all, WeatherTech wanted to offer its customers a fast, intuitive, secure, and functionally robust online shopping experience.

Americaneagle.com developed a navigation tool that caters to vehicle-specific fitments. With the push of a button, customers could source products that fit the make and model of their car, accelerating them through the buying process. The site soon became an impressive international tool, offering multiple languages and territories.

The result? A 76% boost in holiday sales compared to the previous year, a 200% increase in total revenue, and a 54% mobile conversion rate.

As Americaneagle.com’s recommendations and successes have shown, flexibility, continual improvement, and partnering with best-in-breed vendors can position a brand as a competitive player in ecommerce.

This originally appeared on Bold Commerce and is available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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