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Ensuring Your Staff Members Embody Your Business Values

Staff members ensuring business values at a table.

Most of us have worked jobs where to be frank, we showed up for the paycheck and little else.

Indeed, most people don’t dream of working voluntarily as a fast food or retail worker unless for a good cause, such as in a charitable setting or perhaps for educational credits.

That being said, we still need to put forward our best effort if we hope to succeed in any role we take part in. So, while you might not have a personal and emotional investment in the brand at large, you may appreciate the job you’ve been given, the regular hours you work, the team you work alongside, and the quality of the job you do. All these things can nourish you over time if you have the right attitude.

As a business leader, it’s essential to help that attitude develop in your staff. While no one may have quite the bias and stake in the business that you, the owner, could have, that doesn’t mean you can’t embody some of that value for your staff members.

But what might that look like in practice? In this post, we’ll discuss that and more:

Use A Management System That Makes Work Easier

Staff may seem quite complex; they’re human beings and have lives outside of their role at your company. That being said, meeting their basic needs and making the job a pleasant position to work in is mostly common sense. For example, if you integrate a new system for managing their tasks and daily affairs, ensure it empowers them conveniently.

A professional cleaning management system that allows you to implement time tracking, messaging, inventory management, checklists and instructions, and more can do an important job much easier to focus on, particularly when balancing many clients at once. Ultimately, any measure that saves your business time should also add value to the lives of your employees. It’s hard not to feel connected to a company trying to make your life a little easier, even as you work for them.

Implement A Well-Organized “Home-Base”

Even if your talented staff members are often moving from location to location, it pays to give them a space where they can “touch base,” so to speak. This might be an office desk; it might be a meeting area, it might be an office zone, or even a warehouse in which they can find their equipment, safely lock away their belongings, eat lunch, visit departments like your HR professionals, and move on from there where necessary.

This provides the grounding people can work from and space to book should they need it for their own initiatives, like meeting rooms that can be rotated in and out of each day. Not all workplaces require completely furnished offices, but many need at least some physical or digital home base where the day can be conducted. When your staff feels like a centralized location is conducting them, it’s easier to feel part of the team.

Lead By Example & Inform

Your business standards are something I would like to aspire to and make transparent. In other words, your business values aren’t the same as your business vision, which might be a relatively flexible goal you hope to reach in five years or so. Instead, the importance should be concrete. Perhaps you care about working with clients with clarity and consistency and treating everyone with respect. Maybe you take pride in the quality of your work and how ethically you source your materials. 

These priorities are exciting, and sharing your pursuit of these goals with your staff, including any fantastic reports they get in return is important. For example, if clients mention that working with your technicians felt easy, enjoyable, and constructive, pass that feedback along and make sure they know values are being represented. This clarifies what you’re looking for instead of paying lip service to the art of being better.

As always, leading by example is essential. If you hope to set a dress code, make sure you dress slightly better than the mandate you’ve asked of everyone else. If you have set hours, arrive at least fifteen minutes before you manage the day's shifts. These little measures grant you authority and respect, showing you’ll never expect another to live up to the values you implement unless you can first do so yourself.

With this advice, you’ll ensure your staff embodies your business values in the healthiest way possible.


As a retail worker, I've realized that while the job may not be my dream, the attitude matters. The hours, the team, and the quality of the work I put in all contribute to my growth over time. As a business leader, fostering this positive attitude in your staff is crucial. Even if they don't have the same stake in the business as you, you can still instill some of that value in them.

In this post, I shared practical ways to do this. A management system that simplifies work and a well-organized “home base” can help meet the basic needs of your staff, making the job more enjoyable. Sharing your business values and leading by example can inspire your team to embody these values, contributing to the business's overall success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a management system add value to employees' lives?
A management system streamlines tasks and improves efficiency, showing employees that their time and effort are valued and enhancing their connection to the company.

Why is a well-organized “home base” important for staff?
It provides a stable and equipped space for employees to regroup and refocus, becoming a crucial part of their professional identity and a constant in their work lives.

What is the significance of leading by example in a business?
Leading by example builds respect and trust within the team, demonstrating the values and standards expected in a tangible and relatable way.

How does clear communication of business values benefit employees?
It helps employees understand the purpose and goals of their work, fostering a sense of belonging and motivation towards contributing to the bigger picture.

Can implementing a user-friendly management system impact productivity?
Yes, a user-friendly system simplifies tasks, saves time, and reduces stress, increasing productivity and job satisfaction.

What role does a physical or digital “home-base” play in a remote work setting?
In remote work, a digital “home base” acts as a virtual office, providing a sense of structure and community, essential for maintaining productivity and team cohesion.

How can a leader effectively communicate business values to their team?
They regularly discuss values in meetings, demonstrate them through actions, and recognize employees who embody them in their work.

Is it essential for a leader to participate in the same tasks as their team?
While not always necessary, participating in similar tasks can show empathy and understanding of the team's challenges, enhancing the leader's credibility.

How can a business ensure its management system is user-friendly?
By involving employees in the selection process, providing training, and regularly soliciting feedback for improvements.

What impact does a supportive work environment have on employee morale?
A supportive environment boosts morale by making employees feel valued and understood, increasing job satisfaction and retention.

How can a leader balance being authoritative and approachable?
I am transparent and firm in decision-making while maintaining open communication and showing genuine interest in employees' well-being.

Can a well-organized workspace influence creativity and innovation?
An organized space reduces distractions and stress, creating a conducive environment for creativity and innovative thinking.

How important is feedback in maintaining a positive work culture?
Regular feedback is crucial as it helps recognize achievements, address concerns, and continuously improve the work environment.

What role does empathy play in effective leadership?
Empathy allows leaders to understand and address the needs and challenges of their employees, fostering a more engaged and loyal team.

How can a company's values be reflected in its day-to-day operations?
Ensuring that policies, decisions, and interactions align with the company's core values makes them a lived experience for employees.

What are the benefits of a physical meeting area in a digital workplace?
A physical meeting area in a digital workplace provides a sense of community and facilitates face-to-face interactions, enhancing team bonding and collaboration.

How can a leader stay connected with their team in a large organization?
Regularly scheduling team meetings, one-on-one check-ins, and being accessible through various communication channels.

What strategies can be used to motivate a diverse team?
Recognizing individual strengths, offering tailored incentives, and creating an inclusive culture that respects and values diversity.

How does a leader's behavior impact the company's reputation?
A leader's behavior sets the tone for the company's culture and ethics, directly influencing public perception and reputation.

Can a positive work culture affect a company's bottom line?
A positive culture leads to higher employee engagement, productivity, and retention, positively impacting the company's financial performance.

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