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A Conversation With Liam Patterson From Bidnamic

Ecommerce fastlane 289 introduces the new wave of AI, led by Liam Patterson, in reducing Shopify bounce rates through conversation optimization.

In a recent episode of the eCommerceFastlane Podcast, Liam Patterson, Co-Founder and CEO of Bidnamic, discussed how their advanced machine learning technology optimizes Google Shopping campaigns, reduces bounce rates, and improves user experience, leading to significant growth and profitability for Shopify brands.

Welcome to another exciting episode of the eCommerce Fastlane podcast. I’m your host, Steve Hutt, and today we have a special guest joining us, Liam Patterson, CEO and co-founder of Bidnamic. In this episode, we will explore the unique features of Bidnamic and how it helps eCommerce businesses boost their revenue and profit from Google Shopping campaigns. Get ready to learn valuable insights and case studies that will revolutionize your approach to digital marketing.

The Importance of Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping campaigns have become a critical tool for online retailers to acquire new customers. However, running these campaigns effectively can take a lot of work. Liam highlights that Bidnamic is here to solve those challenges and maximize conversion rates. With advanced technology and a deep understanding of the eCommerce landscape, Bidnamic offers a compelling solution for businesses looking to tap into the vast potential of Google Shopping.

Understanding Key Metrics

Conversion rates play a crucial role in winning ad auctions. Liam emphasizes that higher conversion rates ultimately lead to better visibility and revenue. Bounce rates also have a significant impact on the cost of advertising. The goal is to optimize campaigns for maximum conversion rate, average order value, and lifetime value while considering profit margin and return rates. Bidnamic uses a data-driven approach, leveraging machine learning and analytics to understand these key metrics and make strategic decisions.

Structuring Campaigns for Success

Bidnamic takes a granular approach by structuring campaigns at the SKU level. This strategy optimizes bidding and ensures maximum revenue and visibility. By leveraging technology, Bidnamic optimizes the cost per click for each product based on various business factors, including return rates. This level of detail and customization is precious for businesses looking to maximize their Google Shopping performance.

Maximizing Profitability and ROI

Liam highlights that the focus of Bidnamic is campaign optimization within Google Shopping. They aim to help existing businesses improve their ROI from 5 times to 7 or 8 times. Attaining this level of success requires a minimum spend in the low thousands of dollars to gather enough data for campaign performance. With Bidnamic, businesses can make the most of their advertising budgets and see a significant increase in profitability.

The Headless Landing Page Advantage

Bounce rates continue to challenge retailers using Google Shopping. There is limited control over where users are directed when they click on an ad. Liam introduces Bidnamic’s headless Shopify storefront built explicitly for Google Shopping. This storefront prioritizes speed, with a page load time of under 1 second. It also includes product recommendations based on user preferences and attributes in the Google Merchant Center. This approach reduces bounce rates and improves the overall user experience, leading to higher conversion rates and increased revenue.

Partnering for Enhanced User Experience

Liam shares how Bidnamic partners with providers of exit intent overlays, advanced product recommendations, and search box technologies to improve landing page bounce rates. This collaboration aims to enhance the user experience and increase engagement. By integrating these technologies, Bidnamic can deliver a more personalized and seamless shopping experience for users, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Leveraging Tracking Data and Remarketing

Bidnamic shares all available tracking data with businesses and Google, enabling the creation of retargeting lists for search ads (RLSA) based on user behavior on the website. This allows for strategic adjustments in bidding to reduce costs or increase relevance. Personalized targeting lists can be created based on user actions, such as adding items to the cart or completing a purchase. This level of personalization and targeting can significantly improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Transparency and Visibility

The conversation turns to the new offering from Google called Performance Max. Liam cautions retailers about its need for more transparency and visibility. With Performance Max, retailers cannot see the search terms customers use and click on, limiting their ability to understand customer preferences and make informed decisions. In contrast, Bidnamic technology provides visibility into crucial search term data, including impressions, visibility, cost, revenue, profit, and impression share. With automation features, Bidnamic helps retailers set and achieve their targets, ensuring efficient and data-driven decision-making.

Bidnamic Advanced Technology

Bidnamic leverages advanced machine learning technology to optimize Google Shopping campaigns. Their platform analyzes various data, including product attributes, search terms, and user behavior, to make strategic decisions and optimize bidding. This level of automation and intelligence allows businesses to maximize their advertising spend and achieve revenue and profitability goals.

The Future of Bidnamic

As Bidnamic focuses on growth, they continue to invest in research and development to build the best landing page and product details page for customers from Google Shopping. They aim to deliver seamless experiences, reduce bounce rates, and improve the post-click journey. They are committed to owning the customer journey from the right price for the right click to the customer’s entry experience onto Shopify.

Appalachian Outfitters Case Study: Results Speak for Themselves

To demonstrate the effectiveness of Bidnamic, Liam shares a success story from their collaboration with Appalachian Outfitters, a US business built on Shopify. By optimizing bidding and creating high-performing landing pages, Bidnamic enabled Appalachian Outfitters to increase traffic by 139%, visibility by 48%, decrease bounce rates by 11%, and increase conversion rates by 9%. This remarkable growth led to significant revenue and profit expansion for Appalachian Outfitters.


Bidnamic is transforming the eCommerce landscape with its innovative Google Shopping campaign optimization approach. Leveraging advanced technology and strategic insights, they’re helping businesses unlock new levels of growth and profitability. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear it straight from Liam Patterson, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Bidnamic, in our recent eCommerceFastlane Podcast episode. Dive deeper into digital marketing and discover how you can revolutionize your approach. Would you be ready to learn more? Listen to the full episode on Spotify. Take advantage of these valuable insights!

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