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Everything We Revealed At The First Yotpo Tech Talk


On November 10, 2021, we kicked off the inaugural event in our new quarterly product series, Yotpo Tech Talk. The event featured an open forum for attendees to participate and ask questions about the releases, updates, and announcements covered by Yotpo product experts.

What did we announce?
Yotpo Reviews Syndication for Shops on Facebook and Instagram
Syndicating Yotpo Reviews to Shops enables brands to accelerate sales, build immediate credibility, and increase the quantity of reviews and reviewed products.
Yotpo is now an integration partner for Reviews Syndication onto Shops on Facebook and Instagram. Reviews syndicated to Shops can minimize barriers to purchase on Facebook and Instagram, and can even help drive traffic back to your brand’s eCommerce site.

Learn more about Reviews syndication to Facebook and Instagram Shops here.
SMS Marketing Campaign Planner & Templates
Marketers are busy. Our new SMS Campaign Planner and Templates make it easy to s …

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Special thanks to our friends at Yotpo for their insights on this topic.
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