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Everything We Revealed At Yotpo Tech Talk (And What It Means For You)


On April 20th, we held our second Yotpo Tech Talk virtual event. Yotpo Tech Talk is a quarterly event where our product experts share all the latest releases, updates, and announcements, and our attendees can ask questions, get answers, and offer feedback. You can watch the event here, or read the highlights below.

If there’s an overarching theme for this month’s event, it would be about expanding our functionality through greater synergies. Those synergies happen across Yotpo’s eCommerce marketing platform and with our tech partners. All of these parts come together to create better experiences for customers, and stronger relationships between them and the brands they’re loyal to.

So, what did we announce at the event? So, so much!
Platform Updates
Yotpo X Shopify: Pioneering a no-code world
Yotpo is the first multi-product platform to be fully compatible with Shopify’s new and improved platform experience: Online Store 2.0. OS 2.0 allows eCommerce brands to ins …

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Special thanks to our friends at Yotpo for their insights on this topic.
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