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Everything You Need To Know About Clash Royale Tower Skins

Clash Royale, at this point, is a classic with many dedicated fans of the strategic card-based auto battler, but to truly show off your prowess as a commander, you’ve got to have a unique look for your base. 

One great way to distinguish yourself among the endless sea of Clash Royale fanatics is your Tower skin! Towers are essential to battling in Clash Royale; have your towers go down, and you’re having a tough time and possibly facing a loss. 

So, having a unique or eye-catching CR Tower skin is integral to the Clash Royale experience! Well, not really, but it does give you something to grind for and take pride in once you unlock one! 

Today, we’re breaking down everything you need about Clash Royale Tower skins! We’ll go over the most important things you need to know, like whether there are any free Clash Royale Tower skins and every method to unlock Tower skins. We’ve also compiled a list of some of our personal favorites! 

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Do You Need Tower Skins in Clash Royale? 

If you’re asking from a gameplay perspective, and it’s required to win matches, then you don’t need a CR Tower skin to be good at the game. But what Clash Royale Tower skins represent is an additional ‘thing’ to collect and bolster your gameplay experience. 

Clash Royale Tower skins are one of the only aspects of the game that can be customized to your liking. Most players will have those incredibly rare Legendary and Champion cards, so even if you have one for yourself, you’ll likely run into an opponent with their copy.

Even the Arenas are subject to how many Trophies you have, so you can’t customize that either. 

Clash Royale Tower skins give players an added layer of immersion and customization to make you stand out in a sea of the stock Clash Royale Tower skins that are just a bit too plain for our liking. 

Are There Free Clash Royale Tower Skins?

Now comes the tricky question: are there any free Tower skins in Clash Royale? The good news is, yes, players receive some Clash Royale Tower skins for free, but they’re few and far between. 

The most recent free Clash Royale Tower skin was the Bouncy Bastille Tower skin back in March 2024 in celebration of Clash Royale’s 8th birthday. But as you can guess, free Clash Royale Tower skins are mainly limited to special occasions like the game’s anniversary, Christmas, exclusive event rewards, etc. 

They aren’t released as often as we’d like, and since the game’s release, there have only been 6 completely free Tower skins: 

  • Igloo Tower
  • Clan Boat Bastion Tower
  • Clashmas Sweater Tower
  • Royale Arena Tower 
  • Grouchy Goblin Tower
  • Bouncy Bastille Tower

How to Get Tower Skins in Clash Royale 

If you still need to get all of the above free Clash Royale Tower skins, unfortunately, your only other option is to shell out some real-life cash to get yourself one of the latest Tower skins available. 

To add to the bad news, you can only purchase the latest Tower skin in the game. Currently, there is no way to purchase and obtain one of the past Tower skins. 

Here are all the ways you can get a Tower skin in Clash Royale – 

  • Pass Royale Reward—The most reliable way to get a Tower skin is by purchasing and working through the latest Season’s Pass Royale. Every Season (a new Season refreshes every month), there’s a brand-new Tower skin to unlock and earn. In the latest Pass Royale, the Tower skin is on the 48th tier reward, so most likely, you’ll have to do a fair bit of grinding before you receive it. 
  • In-Game Store Purchase—In addition to getting a skin from the Pass Royale, Clash Royale sometimes includes a Tower skin for sale in the in-game store. You’ll need to watch for the latest offers to purchase a Tower skin before it leaves the store!
  • Event Rewards – Clash Royale occasionally has Tower skins as rewards for specific events. These aren’t reliable ways to get a Tower skin, but some events allow you to complete milestones to unlock and obtain a new one.
  • Celebratory Rewards—The last way to get a Tower skin is to wait for a new celebratory reward, which will unlock and give players the skin for free! These types of skins only release once in a blue moon, so they’re rare. Look out on Clash Royale’s social channels to learn when the latest events/rewards will start.

The Best Clash Royale Tower Skins So Far 

Here’s a quick list of what we think are the best Tower skins in Clash Royale released so far. This is mostly up to personal opinion, but there’s no denying that these few Clash Royale Tower skins are incredibly unique and attractive! 

Ghostly Treasure Tower Skin

First up, we have the Ghostly Treasure Tower skin released back in Season 17. The skin features an eerie pale blue glow and a ghostly bejeweled sword on the King’s tower—one of the more unique Tower skins we’ve seen thus far. 

Frozen Tower 

The Frozen Tower skin transforms your Towers into an icy landscape reminiscent of a Game of Thrones Whitewalker stronghold! Released in Season 19, the ice-bound tower feels like a castle overrun by a harsh winter, with troops valiantly fighting back despite adversity!

Bone Pit Tower 

Bone Pit Tower is perfect for intimidating your opponents. It has a cruel red glow and a skeleton motif surrounding the tower! The Bone Pit Tower was released in Season 36 alongside the Giant Skeleton Tower, staying true to the ‘bony’ theme!

And that’s all folks! Tower skins in Clash Royale are well worth collecting when you can. Sure, you’ll need to spend money most of the time, but if you’re a dedicated Clash Royale enthusiast with a penchant for collectibles, it’s worth it. 

But if you need Tower skins in Clash Royale, check out U7BUY to find Clash Royale accounts with Tower skins, plentiful coins and gems, upgraded cards, and more!

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