Everything You Need To Know About Upcoming Changes to Facebook Messaging Guidelines

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Facebook announced on August 29th, 2019 that they will be changing their messaging guidelines in January 2020.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Facebook’s rule around sending promotional messages?

Your subscribers are currently eligible for promotional messages within 24 hours of interacting with the bot. Within the 24 hour period, you’re able to send customers an unlimited amount of messages that are promotional in nature. This means you can send them promotional broadcast messages or abandoned cart flows for example.

Once the 24 hour period has passed, you’re able to send a one-time promotional message with one line of content.

Upcoming Changes to Facebook Promotional Messaging Guidelines

Facebook announced this week that as of January 15th, 2020 the ability to send customers one more message after the 24 period will no longer be available.

This means you’ll be able to send customers messages within 24 hours of them interacting with the bot, but no longer any one-time, one-line promotional message after the 24 hour period.

Customers will still be able to receive promotional messages like browse and cart abandonment, but each reminder will have to be sent within 24 hours of the customer interacting with the bot.

How You Can Continue to Send Promotional Messages After the 24 Hour Period

Although the 24 1 rule is changing, you can still send promotional messages beyond the 24 hour period. Using Facebook’s sponsored messages feature.

By integrating your Facebook Ads Manager with Octane AI, you can create creative follow-up campaigns by sending sponsored messages.

What are Sponsored Messages?

Sponsored messages are a type of Facebook ad that can be sent directly as a message to anyone who has messaged your Facebook page in the past, even if they aren’t subscribed to your bot. With sponsored messages, you’re able to reach a larger audience than with regular promotional broadcast messages.

One of the greatest advantages of sponsored messages is that you can target any custom audience on your Facebook Ads Manager.

With sponsored messages, you can send messages outside of the 24-hour window that can reach a larger audience with more in-depth targeting.

How to Send a Sponsored Message

You can set-up sponsored messages easily from the Octane AI back-end. By connecting your Facebook Ads Manager, you can create new sponsored messages and create the conversation you wish to send.

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Get Started Today

Start running follow-up campaigns with sponsored messages to reach a larger audience with more in-depth targeting beyond the 24 hour period.

To get started, follow the steps below:


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