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Boost Sales Overnight: Explore The Unique Powers Of Magento

Magento Commerce is the perfect platform for unleashing exponential business growth.

The eCommerce platform successfully drives sales and revenue with exceptional customer experiences.

Top-tier security, powerful personalization, remarkable scalability, and various other features make Magento Commerce an excellent choice for small, big, and enterprise-grade businesses. Helly Hansen, Ford, Land Rover, Canon, and multiple brands worldwide have trusted Magento to build a shining digital presence. 

However, not all retailers are enlightened with the up-to-date features of the globally renowned platform. This blog highlights the Magento features that make it an impeccable eCommerce platform. 

What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source, SEO-friendly eCommerce platform powered by PHP for developing online stores. It was introduced in 2007, and there has yet to be a look back. The platform has grown into a trusted option for diverse business industries.

Various versions of the eCommerce platform prove suitable for delivering precise business needs. For example, businesses can employ the Community version to run small to mid-level stores, but the Enterprise edition is better for handling extensive inventories. 

Analyzing the Magento Community vs. Enterprise Editions comparison can help you better determine which version suits your latest business demands. 

7 Compelling Features of Magento CMS

1. Live Search

The latest Magento version is powered with Live Search functionality, backed by Adobe Sensei, an advanced search solution that uses artificial intelligence & machine learning. The technology can be combined with the product catalog to provide users with a lightning-fast, super-relevant, and intuitive search experience for shoppers.

Live Search comes with a range of features that entice shoppers and merchants alike:

  • The Live Search responds to the user’s input quickly and right from the inputs of the first few characters.
  • Customers can use various filters, like multiple dimensions of attribute values or facets, as search criteria. 

2. Several Extensions

The Magento Marketplace provides merchants with handy, accessible, and premium extensions. You can use Payment Gateways, Chatbots, SEO Tools, etc., to power the site with trending functionalities.  

For example, if a business is facing a poor conversion rate due to a cumbersome checking-out process, it can use single-step checkout to resolve the problem quickly in no time. Also, if you want to improve the post-purchase experience for customers and streamline order management for merchants, you can choose Magento 2 Order Tracking Extension which provides a range of functionalities. Many extensions can allow businesses to adapt to the latest consumer demands rapidly.

3. Product Recommendations

Product recommendations are a powerful tool to enhance the shopping experience of the targeted customers on the site. The suitable recommendations encourage customer engagement and boost the business's conversion rate. 

The recommendation tool is again powered by Adobe Sensei, which helps build a sophisticated outlook for the brand. Store merchants can use it in typical product recommendations like:

  • Most viewed (in the last week)
  • Recommended for you (specific customers)
  • Most purchased (in the previous week)
  • Most added to cart (in the previous week)
  • More products like this
  • Trending Items
  • Visual similarity

4. Customer Segments

The customer segment is a convenient tool within the Magento Admin used for dynamic representation of content and promotional offers to distinguished customers. This allows you to present offers and offers and products that are likely to drive engagement, sales, and ROI. 

You can segment customers with the following criteria:

  • Customer Address Fields: Defining the address fields includes categorizing by city or country.
  • Customer Information Fields: Different customers can be defined by group name, email, store credit balance, etc. 
  • Order Fields:  Based on the billing/shipping address in the order, you can define the various order characteristics of the customers.

The customer segment section of Magento integrates various distinctive features that are updated regularly. This helps study the customers' general information for successful marketing strategies. 

5. Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Magento integrates seamlessly with multiple analytics tools to generate comprehensive insights into the online store’s performance, trends, etc. For example, with integrated analytics, you can determine which products were the best sellers of the month or during the holiday season and adjust your strategies accordingly. The freedom of making well-informed decisions in real-time can boost strategies with enhanced investment returns. 

6. Aids in Ranking Well over SERPs

Online visibility plays a pivotal role in the growth of any eCommerce store. The code architecture of the Adobe commerce platform adheres to SEO best practices. Magento developers can play with URL structures, meta tags, and sitemaps to boost visibility over the search engine result pages.

7. Robust Community Support

Magento was introduced worldwide in August 2007 and now powers more than 204K live websites. The eCommerce platform is massively popular worldwide, with millions of professional developers with certified technology skills.

There are several open forums where anyone can seek help if they get stuck in the project. This helps to resolve any issues with customization. An e-commerce developer can tailor bespoke websites using the Magento platform more rapidly than building the project from scratch. 

Wrapping Up

Trustworthy technology can help any business make better gains in the eCommerce world. Magento Commerce allows brands to stand out with appealing digital stores that load quickly and are SEO-friendly.

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