Extending The Conversation With Native SMS


We believe in the power of conversation

Until now, that has meant focusing exclusively on voice, the communication channel that people rely on for the most urgent and sensitive support inquiries, and that allows an account executive to listen for inflection and tone during a sales call.  

Nothing replaces a live, in-the-moment, back-and-forth conversation. But we also know that people want options when it comes to interacting with businesses. That’s why Aircall offers strong integrations with chat and SMS solutions. After all, omnichannel communications are the way of the future, offering the most flexibility for brands and customers around the globe.

So we’re introducing another way to connect: native business text messaging. 

Billions of people worldwide already rely on their smartphones for everything from checking the weather to paying bills and consuming media, so it makes sense that people also want to easily connect with brands on their mobile devices for quick and personalized solutions to their needs. 

SMS is a natural complement to voice and provides an asynchronous mode of communication, conveniently accessible in your own time. And with 82% of people opening every text message they receive, SMS helps businesses increase the likelihood of their direct messages successfully reaching customers. 

Aircall users, primarily customer support and sales teams, now have access to domestic SMS included in the U.S. and Canada, and per outbound usage in the U.K., France, and Australia. 

We strongly believe that SMS adds a lot to a professional relationship. A few words at the right moment can bring you closer to your client, help increase response rates and get quicker replies. It allows for quick yet personal messages using a few short words, or even emojis. 

Productivity and a deeper connection—that’s what we’re here for.

Here are some ways that beta participants have told us they use SMS: 

  • Customer Service: Another way for customers to reach us.
  • Following up on leads.
  • Connecting with candidates quickly.
  • Reaching out to people we were unable to speak to when we called them.
  • Texting facility managers and providers.
  • Letting people know that we will be giving them a call soon.

Learn more about Aircall’s voice and SMS capabilities and schedule a demo with our team today.

Want to dive deeper? 

Special thanks to our friends at Aircall for their insights on this topic.
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