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Facebook Marketing Services – What Are the Best FB Specs and How Do You Use Them?


With its seemingly boundless reach and customizable formats, Facebook is still the social media platform hotspot for today's marketers. No matter what types of products or services you're selling, you can promote them on Facebook.

In fact, you can market there with few limits other than your budget and Facebook Ad specifications. Because Facebook offers a wide range of ad options, you need to carefully consider what formats and specs are right for your marketing campaign.

Having the right specs on hand and knowing how to use them effectively can set you up for marketing success.

Facebook Advertising with Book Video Ads

Why are roughly half of business owners on Facebook marketing with video content? Because they work–and MuteSix is pushing the format aggressively.

Companies should remember that video content is eye-catching and memorable to potential customers and Facebook users.

Video content also has a high rate for becoming viral. It's a good idea to create videos that are designed with specific goals in mind. You might create one to showcase a new product. You might create another to generate website traffic to your landing page, Facebook page, or to get customers to sign up for your newsletter.

Once you have a clear objective for your ad campaign in mind, you can create it on Facebook.

Facebook gives ad creators lots of options. First, where do you want to place your ad? Facebook allows large and small businesses to place ads in:

  • Traditional Newsfeed
  • Facebook Stories
  • Facebook Right Column
  • Facebook In-Stream Video
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook Instant Articles
  • Messenger Inbox
  • Audience Network In-Stream Video and Rewarded Video
  • Audience Network Native Banner

The traditional newsfeed has long been the go-to destination for marketers, but businesses are definitely branching out and using other ad placement options too. MuteSix, the Facebook advertising agency, believes that Facebook Stories will eventually surpass the traditional newsfeed for revenue generation.

Video Specifications for Facebook

Video Ratio: 9:16 to 16:9

Video File Size: 4 GB (Maximum)

Video Length: 1 minute (minimum) – 240 minutes (maximum)

Text: 125 characters

Sound: optional but recommended

Thumbnail Images: If thumbnail images contain more than 20% text, delivery failure is likely.

Vertical Videos: Videos that have a height ratio that exceeds 4:5 may be masked to 4:5.

Headline with Link: 25 characters

Link Description: 30 characters

Facebook Marketing Company Ads for Newsfeed

Inline feed ads are the most popular Facebook campaign ad format. These spots are highly sought after and winning them is a competitive process because they're so effective.

With an average click-through rate (across all industries) of 90%, can you afford not to rely on these ads? Still, to effectively use these inline ads, it's important to create the ads in accordance with Facebook's specs, customize them, and take care to target your audience appropriately.

Newsfeed Ad Specs

Resolution (Recommended): Highest available

File type: png or jpg

Image ratio with link: 1.91:1 to 1:1

Headline: 25 characters

Recommended resolution : 1,080 x 1,080px (minimum)

Description of link: 30 characters

Text: 125 characters

Remember to avoid going over Facebook's 20% text limit or your ad will be subject to delivery failure.

You'll also want to make the most of Facebook's tools to create customized ads. One of the most important Facebook marketing strategies in terms of customization is to make sure you reach your target audience effectively. With social media marketing you can target your core group or even a look-alike group that resembles your core group.

With effective targeting, inline image ads are not only likely to increase brand awareness; they're likely to generate more traffic to your business website or Facebook business page and increase engagement with your brand in real-time.

Instant Experience Ads

Formerly known as Canvas, Facebook's Instant Experience Ads expand across the entire device screen when the active user clicks on them.

You have the option of displaying videos, images, or slideshows on this format as part of your marketing plan. The main benefit of this Facebook ad style is that it's highly engaging. It puts your ad content front and center.

According to Facebook, the number of its Instance Experience Ads have more than doubled. Marketers are achieving success with the format and discovering that commanding 100% attention from users has its benefits. Unfortunately, the only downside is that you can only place these ads in the traditional Facebook newsfeed.

Instant Experience Ad Specs for Video:

Ratio: 9:16 to 16:9

Resolution: Highest possible

Video file size: 4 GB maximum

Minimum length: 1 second

Maximum length: 240 minutes

Captions and sound: optional but recommended

Text: 125 characters

Instant Experience Ad Specs for Images

File type: png or jpg

Image ratio: 9:16 to 16:9

Text: 125 characters

Resolution: 1,200 x 628px (recommended)

Do not exceed 20% text in your ads or they will be subject to delivery failure.

Facebook Slideshow

Another set of specs you should keep on hand: Facebook Slideshow. This format provides marketers with the benefits of video without the expense or the time needed to create a video. Marketers can create effective slideshows quickly and load them onto the platform quickly too.

These ads are ideal for marketers who want to promote more than a single image but do not need a video to convey their digital marketing message. Marketers can load up to ten images in a single series and even add sound as an option.

An added benefit is that you have lots of options when it comes to slideshow placement:

  • Facebook newsfeed
  • Facebook in-stream video
  • Facebook instant articles
  • Facebook Stories
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Messenger in-box
  • Audience network native banner / interstitial
  • Audience network rewarded video
  • Audience network in-stream video

Slideshow Image Specs:

Number of images: 3 minimum / 10 maximum

Pixels: 1280 X 720 pixels

Aspect ratio: 16:9, 1:1, or 2:3

Slideshow duration: 15 seconds (maximum) Duration is dependent on the number of images.

These are among the most effective specs and formats you can use today. Use these measurement marketing tools to gauge your marketing plan success. To create your own winning marketing strategy, you'll want to try the different placement options when available and also use targeting options to enhance the effectiveness of your campaign. While Facebook offers other ad formats, these are among its most popular, so if you have a limited marketing budget, you'll want to stick with these.

This article originally appeared by our friends at MuteSix.

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