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Facebook Pixel Helper – A Quick and Dirty guide by Recart

A guide (by Recart) for Facebook Pixel Helper and its functionalities.

Facebook Pixel Helper is a free Chrome extension. It works in the background to analyze websites if they have the Facebook Pixel code implemented.

First, let’s quickly summarize why it is crucial to have Facebook Pixel working in the background of your ecommerce store.

Most importantly it helps Facebook to see what happens outside their ecosystem. Normally Facebook only sees what their users do in their app or within their domain – facebook.com. But with the help of the Pixel, every website that has it installed sends valuable behavioral data identifying the user and what they do outside of Facebook’s natural reach. Meaning that Facebook’s algorithm gets important insight into your visitors’ interests and other kinds of data that will be interesting for advertisers.

This data that you gathered and send to Facebook will be the backbone of your advertising strategy. The more data the Facebook ad algorithm gets, the better and more efficiently it’ll spend your dollars to send you traffic.

You can also set up custom audiences based on what the Facebook Pixel tracks on your site. For example, advertising for people who left something in their cart and reduce cart abandonment is a must-have strategy for every ecommerce merchant.

Implementing the Facebook Pixel is a story for another day – since you’re more interested in the Pixel Helper aren’t you? ?

So let’s see why Facebook Pixel Helper is so helpful for the savvy marketer.

✅ How to verify the Facebook Pixel is working on your store

As I just summarized it above, you need to have the FB Pixel installed first and foremost. It is crucial for Facebook Ads to be able to optimize for conversions. You install it. Silly question, but does it actually work? Pixel Helper gives you the answer.

After installing the Pixel Helper Chrome Extension, just go to your site in incognito mode and click on the Facebook Pixel Helper icon in the extension bar. You’re better off using incognito mode to avoid any misfire when testing.

It’ll show you exactly how many events was found and what parameters were sent to Facebook. In case you are running an ecommerce business make sure that the following events are set up properly:

  • ViewContent
  • AddToCart
  • InitiateCheckout
  • Purchase

You can set up more events, but this is the bare minimum if you wan to run effecive ad campaigns. Purchase event with a value parameter is the most important since that’s how Facebook will know if it sent you valuable traffic. This data is also used to calculate your Return on ad spend, or simply known as ROAS.

Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension
See an example of what events are tracked on the Recart blog

Also check if button clicks are automatically detected since you can also use that data later on. And lastly make sure Advanced Matching is turned on so that the gathered data are matched to your visitors more accurately.

The Pixel Helper not only shows if everything is alright but errors as well. So be on the lookout for any problems. Sometimes events are not fired. Maybe you entered the wrong Pixel ID. In these cases, it helps you out with some explanations about what seems to be the problem.

? How to spy on your competitors

The Facebook Pixel Helper works not only on your site but anywhere else. So let’s check what kind of events are being used by your competitors. What parameters are sent to Facebook? What exactly triggers these events?

Competitive intelligence can lead you to better targeting and ultimately getting more bang for your advertising buck. Knowing your competitors’ advertising strategy always pays off!

The Facebook Pixel Helper is an essential tool in your advertising toolbox. Make sure to use it to your advantage!

This article was originally published by our friends at Recart.

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