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Promo Apparel: Top Picks To Buy Wholesale This Fall

According to a study by PPAI, 84% of people who receive a promotional product can recall the name of the advertiser.

I was a bit skeptical at first. But now I sleep late reading about how seemingly mundane things break the norm in advertising. 

I received a “promo product” a few months ago, but it didn't feel like one. Not because it was useless, but it was pretty intriguing for a giveaway. It was a planting kit. 

I know, right? “What's so special about a planting kit?” was my first thought. “Hey, this is kinda unique.”, my second thought. “But why would they hand out something like this though”? And it went on.

I knew there had to be a logo somewhere. And there was. But I'll come to that later. The planting kit included little pods, seeds, and shovels. And it occurred to me that I had just received a DIY gift. I don't know if many people get time for DIY stuff. I certainly don't. So I just placed it on my kitchen countertop and forgot about it.

That's where the story begins…

I noticed the planting kit just sitting there gathering dust the following weekend. 

And something compelled me to make it worthwhile. 

Now I have excellent plants on the windowsill of my bedroom. 

A DIY planting kit that I got as a giveaway got me invested in it. I found value in it. And I saw the logo on it. I researched the brand behind the logo – an art studio. I visited them later and eventually bought myself a custom sculpture, a fine one at that, of a dragon holding a pearl.

The studio got a new customer and a couple of hundred bucks with a DIY promo product that might have cost them $30 per unit.

That's what promo products are all about…

The brand made me invest in their DIY giveaway and got me to invest in them while ensuring I got some value in return. 

Isn't that how promotions should be?

Advertisements can only be successful if they can get the viewer to take action. In this case, the art studio got me to plant some seeds. It was gratifying enough for me to check the brand out. Their values got them a customer out of me. 

This is where I'm going to bring up promo apparel…

The DIY giveaway promo got me into brain-busting research on promo products (What can I say? Game of Thrones got me to read about royal hunting practices and war strategies).

Getting the right promo product to give your brand decent momentum is easier said than done. The best thing that I thought brands could use for promotions is apparel. I believe it can do what the planting kit did to me to a considerable extent. 

A promo product that people will love to wear occasionally, all while getting reminded of your brand? And the sheer variety & customization potential? 

Yes, sir. 

Mobility is another advantage, quite underrated, too, in my opinion. Your brand's printed message goes where the garment goes. Check “Wider Reach”.

So, I made a list of apparel brands that can be used for promotions or resale this fall. You see, maximizing creativity while minimizing investment is the key to getting the best results out of promo apparel. Always go for blanks. Always go for wholesale. Always check shipping speed.

Without further ado, let's get down to business.


You already know about the relationship between hoodies and fall. Who doesn't love wearing something snug and cozy when the air gets chilly? Besides, hoodies never go out of style. Perfect for brands that need something unique. 


  1. Hanes P170 – Super budget-friendly. Decent quality. Very durable. If you are on a tight budget, you can never go wrong if you buy wholesale blank hoodies from Hanes. The P170 is only the best budget-friendly option. If you chip in a bit more, you'll find Hanes a great brand to put your trust in. The P170 features Hanes' PrintPro technology, assuring superior quality prints that don't damage the fabric. And they are eco-friendly, with recycled polyester from plastic bottles.
  2. BELLA + CANVAS BC3729 – A unisex, sponge fleece pullover hoodie with kangaroo pockets, ribbed cuffs, and hem. This is among the best mid-range blank hoodies you can buy in bulk. I own one, and it's fantastic. Your brand has enough space to pop a message and a few excellent color options.
  3. New Era LNEA502 – Ladies will love this one. The French terry full-zip hoodie is super soft and stylish. And it's from New Era – a brand that's been around for over a century. If your promotion targets women this fall, they will appreciate customized French Terry hoodies if you don't go overboard with the creativity. High brand recall guaranteed.

Jackets & Vests

Small and medium-sized organizations don't even consider promotions with customized jackets. And for good reasons, too. Investment is more significant, for starters. Jackets aren't your everyday essentials. But during fall, they become valuable to recipients. I might ignore caps much during fall, but a good jacket can grab my attention briefly. It's long enough to get impressed by the merch. Besides, for brands that can dish out enough budget, employees would love to get jackets for fall. 


  1. Mercer + Mettle MM3004 Shacket – I finally found a great shacket I can wear at the office and during casual outings. The MM3004 is a double-knit snap-front jacket that can be dressed up or down. You wouldn't find a better combination of sweatshirt and jacket at a reasonable price—two flap pockets on the front, matte-finished snaps, and incredibly cozy. Your brand gets the loyalty of any recipient lucky enough to get this.
  2. The North Face NF0A529A Vest – If great shackets are out of reach, you can permanently settle for a vest. The NF0A529A is an everyday, water-repellent vest from The North Face featuring a 100% recycled polyester shell, chill-fighting comfort, insulation properties, and a contrast-embroidered brand logo on the left hem. Meaning the recipients will know they are getting The North Face vest. The catch is that you can't get blanks from wholesalers. There are no color choices, just color block options. You'll have to place custom bulk orders. It's still more budget-friendly than customizing a Mercer + Mettle snap-front jacket.
  3. Port Authority J305 – The most budget-friendly jacket on this list. Port Authority is decent. You look at it: comfort, Price, Quality, Longevity. You can surely get the “Hmm…Nice” remark from the recipient. And it doesn't strain the budget either. It's for the everyday guy and among the top picks of schools for staff.


Not everyone likes a hooded sweatshirt. So, I might add a few hoodless sweatshirts to the list. You could get wholesale blank sweatshirts at significantly lower prices than hoodies, good ones at that. They appeal to all ages and could be the most reliable garment to wear outdoors to enjoy fall foliage.


  1. Gildan 18000 – An absolute steal for brands with a limited fall promotion budget. This is arguably the most popular crewneck sweatshirt, with over 25 color options. It's probably the most budget-friendly garment in this entire list. The only catch is that there are concerns regarding printability. Special care has to be taken when printing these. So make sure the printing company knows what they are doing. OR, you can go for good old embroidery instead.
  2. Champion GDS149 – If you want something better quality than Gildan 18000, go for sweatshirts from Champion. Champion has been in this game for a while now and knows what will make their clothing wearers smile. The Champion GDS149 is a reverse weave crewneck sweatshirt. It's garment-dyed, not very heavy, and not too pricey. 
  3. SPORT-TEK ST561 – Need something flexible? I've got you covered. Or SPORT-TEK does. The ST561 is the brand's most budget-friendly Flex Fleece sweatshirt. It's just about the right kind of warm, has a quarter zip, and wicks moisture. Excellent choice for corporate events, team meets, and sports events, the ST561 is easily printable and an excellent choice for some custom embroidery.


Imagine cozying up by a warm fire with your loved one. There will be a blanket in that picture somewhere. People love to get super soft blankets during fall, and they don't have a lot of sources to get them from in the United States. That's where your brand can capitalize. Promo Blankets. It is oddly satisfying even to say the words out loud.


  1. Port Authority BP10 Value Fleece Blanket – Value is in the name and certainly in the price, especially if you get them wholesale. A customized blanket giveaway will keep your brand in the recipient's memory throughout winter. As long as they remember, the likelihood of them transacting with your brand is high enough not to ignore. The SP10 is sturdy yet soft with an easy-to-carry strap.
  2. Port Authority BP40 Mountain Lodge Blanket – If you need something better than the BP10, I'd suggest the BP40. This is considered a luxury blanket but not too pricey when purchasing wholesale. The blanket spells cozy with a 100% fleece face, reversing to a soft sherpa. It will make a superb fall gift for your staff and loyal customers.
  3. Eddie Bauer EB751 Fleece Blanket – Great indoors and even better outdoors. This is an insulated fleece blanket that's both durable and ultra-soft. The price is justified. It's water-repellent, water-resistant, and has round corners. Any blanket with rounded corners gets my seal of approval. 

Honorable Mention: Headwear

If you will hit a roadblock for investing in promo apparel this fall, remember that promo headwear is still on the table. Hats complement pretty much every fall fashion trend. And so it has been for a long while now. You can rest assured that people will use the cap you handed out. They are the most retained promo product for a reason. 


  1. Spacecraft SPC11 Limited Edition Beanie – Alright, I admit. This one is on the list simply because I own one, and I LOVE IT. It's 55% wool and 100% awesome. 
  2. New Era NE903 Beanie – Warm and great for team events, the NE903 beanie can be something more with embroidery. But you've probably had enough beanies. 
  3. OTTO Cap 39-165 Trucker – A 5-panel bestseller from the USA's largest source of blank caps – OTTO Cap. You have a fantastic array of colors, color combinations, and a broad canvas to get creative on. OSFA size fits great, and the foam front makes you want to keep touching it. Fall or not, the OTTO 39-165 could be the game-changer you need in your promotions.

That's it. 

You could go for a DIY Planting Kit and get customers like me. But why call them to plant trees at home when you can have them wear apparel you customize everywhere else? They will be carrying your messages for more people to see. And will be wearing stuff they love to wear. It makes sense. 

Promo Apparel is a Win-Win if you play it right. But as I said before, choosing the right promo apparel for the job is tricky. And you are maybe finding the right wholesaler to maximize your savings and the right wholesaler with fast shipping. 

Fortunately, you now have a list of promo apparel picks to get started and my busted brain to thank. Now, it's time to break your brain with how creative you can get with your promotions and promo apparel. 

Have I loved the recommendations? I'd request you share the word because otherwise, I'd have to invest in promo apparel to get more people to read my write-up. It is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of using promo apparel for brand promotion?
Promo apparel serves as a wearable advertisement, enhancing brand visibility and creating a tangible connection with the audience.

How does personalization in promo apparel enhance its impact?
Personalization adds an emotional and unique touch, making the recipient feel valued and enhancing the perceived worth of the item.

Why should a brand consider opting for sustainable promo apparel?
Sustainable apparel reflects a brand's commitment to ethical practices, appealing to environmentally-conscious consumers and enhancing brand image.

How can technology be integrated into promotional apparel?
Technology, such as QR codes or wearable tech, can be incorporated to enhance user engagement and create an interactive brand experience.

What is the advantage of creating seasonal or thematic promotional apparel?
Seasonal and thematic apparel resonates with the ongoing consumer mood and provides varied and relevant designs, keeping the promo items exciting.

How can influencer collaborations boost promo apparel campaigns?
Influencer collaborations can amplify reach, attract a specific follower base, and bring fresh design perspectives to promo apparel.

What factors should be considered while choosing apparel for promotion?
Quality, comfort, design space, and cost are crucial factors to consider to ensure the effectiveness and reach of the promotional apparel.

How does promo apparel contribute to indirect marketing?
Promo apparel acts as a mobile advertisement, subtly spreading brand awareness wherever it is worn without direct marketing efforts.

Can promo apparel be utilized for internal branding and employee engagement?
It can enhance team spirit, create a unified brand image, and be an employee appreciation gift.

What is the role of design and creativity in promotional apparel?
Innovative and appealing designs ensure promo apparel is worn often, enhancing brand visibility and recall.

How do you choose the right type of apparel for different demographic segments?
Understanding the preferences, lifestyles, and needs of the target demographic is crucial to selecting the appropriate promo apparel type.

What is the importance of choosing high-quality apparel for promotion?
High-quality apparel ensures durability and positive brand perception and increases the likelihood of the item being used frequently.

How do we ensure that the promotional apparel aligns with the brand image?
Choosing colors, designs, and types of apparel that resonate with the brand's identity and values ensures alignment with the brand image.

What strategies can be employed to make promo apparel campaigns more effective?
Incorporating personalization, technology, and thematic designs can enhance appeal and effectiveness.

How does promo apparel compare to other forms of promotional products?
Promo apparel offers continuous and mobile brand visibility, often having a more comprehensive reach than other promotional items.

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