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Fighting Cart Abandonment Without Discounts



Cart abandonment can be frustrating, as having customers leave without completing their purchase can have a major impact on a company's bottom line. After all, what's the use of gaining customer interest without it converting to sales?


One of the most popular ways companies combat cart abandonment is through discount codes or gift codes, however this may not be preferable for all businesses. For example, a company selling expensive equipment cannot justify giving a 20% discount, when that discount amounts to $400.


Fortunately, there are a number of ways small businesses can come back cart abandonment without the need to implement discounts.


The first step is understanding why customers abandon carts in the first place. A customers biggest concern when making a purchase is that they will not be making a mistake, since returning an item purchased online is often far more of a hassle than returning it in stores.


Customers should not feel at risk when making their purchase. Learn why customers are not completing their purchase by implementing surveys by e-mail or at the cart screen. By learning what customers want and don't want, you can give them a better experience shopping on your site, and reduce any risks they may feel when faced with purchasing your products.


In addition, many customers will leave their cart to come back to it later. They may forget about it, or may leave it until they are ready to make the purchase. In order to prevent this, create a sense of urgency by emailing the customer about their cart. Tell them that only a certain number are left in stock, or that they will have to recreate their cart if they don’t check out.


Some other ways to encourage higher conversion rates include:


  • Mentioning specific products that were left in the cart.
  • Removing any bait and switch tactics.
  • Being honest and clear with your customer.
  • Offering live chat on your website.
  • Allowing shopping cart editing.
  • Showing customers how many steps are left to check out.
  • Being upfront about shipping costs.
  • Making an existing coupons highly visible.
  • Removing distractions from your check out page.


in addition to these listed above, reviews are one of the easiest ways companies can begin to build trust with their customers, and in turn result in lower rates of cart abandonment. When customers can read and leave reviews, as well as ask and answer questions with other customers, they will feel less at risk when purchasing your product and as a result will be more likely to complete their transaction.


The same can also be achieved by including true-to-life, non-photoshopped images of products on the product description pages. Customers should be able to trust the imagery on your site, as this will play a major role in their decision to purchase the product or not.


In addition two excellent imagery, comparison tools should be included on the site. Customer should be able to compare one product to another, especially if the products being sold are in the tech field.


One of the biggest turn-offs for many would-be customers is a lengthy registration system just to make a purchase. Whent a customer has to create account, verify the account, and input personal information all prior to even seeing the checkout page, it's no wonder they will look for their product somewhere else.


All customers should have the option to either check out as a guest, or register with their social media platform of choice. More customers will be likely to register if they only have to click one button that connects their Facebook or Twitter to your store, however even more will be encouraged to complete the transaction when they can check out as a guest.


Finally, customers should feel like they are getting the best deal when making a purchase from your store. Because of this, show them exactly how much they may have saved on a purchase by buying something that was on sale on your site. When customers feel like they are getting a deal, they are confident about their purchase.


Combine these tips with free, fast shipping, and expect to see higher conversion rates in just a few weeks.


Top 32 Ways to Solve Cart Abandonment (Without the Need for Discounts)


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