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Filling the Top of the Funnel With Zaius

A woman is sitting on a chair, filling the top of the funnel with Zaius while using a cell phone.

When we announced our new App Directory a couple of weeks ago, we also released a few powerful, new integrations. Among these was Criteo, a personalized retargeting solution. Criteo joined existing integrations Google and Facebook/Instagram, providing a broader range of opportunities for brands to find new prospects and drive repeat purchase across advertising platforms. We are excited for our users to start taking advantage of these new integrations, so we are sharing three quick wins:

Driving Repeat Purchase and Loyalty

One of the most straightforward use cases is targeting past customers across the Internet. The right segments to target are probably the ones you are already using today for your email campaigns. And, just like for your email campaigns, once you create the segment rules, new customers will move in and out them automatically. Simply toggle your segment of past buyers to sync with Facebook or Google and off you go. 

Accelerate Revenue and Increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Not only does Zaius build bespoke models that predict order likelihood, you can also activate the resulting segments on ad tech platforms (in addition to email, SMS, and push channels). Consider using these segments in two ways: First, target customers on the fringe of being likely to buy in order to draw them back into your store to convert, accelerating revenue and capturing additional opportunity. Then, get smarter about your ad spend by suppressing customers unlikely to buy at the moment from some of your campaigns to avoid wasting ad dollars.

Finding New Buyers

Finding new buyers is easier than it seems with Zaius. There are a variety of approaches users can take. Below we’ll highlight two common approaches.

Look-alike models are a powerful tool to target campaigns to potential new customers who act and behave just like your best customers. By targeting these look-alikes, you can improve your ROAS and take advantage of known best customer traits. Consider building segments to fuel look-alike models on ad platforms in two different ways: model segments of buyers or model segments based on personas.

To model segments of buyers, you can take your past buyers, purchasers of a specific product line, or even your MVPs, and push those segments to Google, Facebook, or Criteo to create a look-alike model. In this way, you’ll mirror the characteristics of these buying groups to generate new opportunities.

However, many brands rely on personas to properly profile their best customers and target new ones with just the right messaging. Building customer personas starts with having a Customer Data Platform that excels in building a single view of your customer. Layer on top of that the collection of data from your ecommerce platform, qualitative surveys, and your own in-house models, and you are ready to build persona-based segments to send to ad networks for targeting directly or building look-alike audiences.

We know the importance of reaching new customers and understand how intimidating this task may feel at times with the variability of advertising rates. But we are here to help. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your client success manager.

This article originally appeared in the Zaius blog and has been published here with permission.

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