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How to Find and Connect With Social Media Influencers



Creating a strong social media presence is important to the success of your Shopify store. Social media plays an integral role in most successful digital marketing strategies, and you can improve your store’s visibility by making the most of social media marketing. Connecting with influencers is an excellent way to boost your social media presence – influencers can introduce your store and content to new members of your target audience, allowing you to reach potential customers.


You may already understand the importance of social media marketing, but getting started can be discouraging. By following our guide, you can more easily reach out to influencers in your niche and create valuable connections for your business and social media presence.


Who are Social Media Influencers, and Why Are They Important to Your Business?

Influencers are well-versed in social media, and they’ve developed a strong following online as a result. When you connect with influencers, they may share your content with their audience – if they do, you’ll be able to market your business to an audience you may have never otherwise reached.


It may take time to develop a following after you’ve created a presence on social media, but the right connections with influencers can speed up the process. There are a number of ways influencers can help you grow your business and reach new audiences:


  • They may review your product or brand. A positive review from a trusted name in your field can have a tremendous impact on your business.
  • They may share your social media updates. This will display your page to a large audience who is interested in your general niche, allowing you to rapidly earn page followers and leads.
  • They may help you create better content for your audience. After you’ve connected with an influencer, pay attention to the type of content they share and use their formulas for your own site. You can also discuss ideas with influencers to gain insight on content improvement.


How Can You Find Social Media Influencers In Your Niche?

Social media is of growing importance to eCommerce store owners. Software developers understand the importance of connections with influencers, and have created options for business owners to easily locate and connect with influencers in their field.



BuzzSumo uses current research to determine which content is top-performing in your niche. You can locate the top influencers in your field by conducting a quick search with the BuzzSumo platform. You can search by topic or location and organize your results by influencers with the most reach and authority. After you’ve conducted a search, you can see the content influencers are sharing.



Each influencer profile on BuzzSumo contains links to the influencer’s social media profiles. This allows you to easily connect with influencers outside of the BuzzSumo platform. BuzzSumo also has many other useful features for connecting with influencers, both on and off the platform itself. Connecting with influencers will still take time and tact, but you can streamline the process and stay organized by using BuzzSumo.


Little Bird

Little Bird provides similar information to BuzzSumo, but its interface is simpler and many store owners find it easier to use. It’s as easy as searching for a keyword pertaining to your niche and browsing the influencers who show up as results.


Once you click on an influencer’s profile, you’ll see an in-depth analysis of their social media presence and influence. This can help you determine which influencers are best to connect with for the purposes of your business.



Many people use Klear to monitor their social media accounts, but the platform also offers an excellent tool to search influencers. Simply enter the keyword pertaining to your interest and conduct a search, much like the two tools mentioned above.


Like BuzzSumo, Klear allows you to filter and organize your search results based on several criteria. There is a paid and free version of Klear, but both feature search filters – however the free version does limit the types of filters you can use.


One of Klear’s best features is its inclusion of influencer responsiveness. Just under the influencer name will be data displaying how active the influencer is on social media, and how often they respond to messages. This helps you save time by letting you know which influencers are most likely to respond to your requests.


How to Connect With Influencers Once You’ve Found Them

After you’ve made a list of influencers you’d like to connect with, begin connecting with them! Most influencers get a large number of requests each day, so make yourself stand out by showing genuine interest in their content. Don’t overload their inbox with messages requesting their help. Instead, leave a few nice comments on their content, promote their content on your own blog or social media page, and begin correspondence through cordial emails.


You want influencers to see you as a connection, not a small business owner looking to leech off of their success – you should want a strong connection with your influencers as well, as it may lead to a very fruitful business partnership or friendship.

Have you used any of the tool in this article to find and engage with influencers? How has engagement with influencers in your field helped your business and social media presence? Let us know in the comments below!



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