Find More Of Your Best Customers With Zaius Segment Sync

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Do you know the customers who buy from you regularly? They’re the ones who open and click on your emails, like your posts on social media, buy new products you release immediately, and even tell their friends about you at every chance.

If only all customers could be like that…

It makes sense to focus a lot of your time on targeting these high-value customers to increase conversions and improve average order value. But while repeat purchases are key to growing your business, you also need to constantly acquire new customers too.

The good news is you can easily find more customers who have similar characteristics to your best customers. How?

All you have to do is create segments of your very best customers and then sync them to Facebook and Google ad accounts for powerful lookalike campaigns. This will allow you to hyper-target your acquisition-minded ads at a set of people who are more likely to buy your product and more likely to become fantastic, loyal customers.

Ready to replicate your very best buyers? Here’s how you do it.

Who are my most loyal customers?

The first step in understanding customer loyalty is gathering and unifying all of the historical data you have on your customers’ shopping habits to identify who is truly your most loyal customers. However, customer loyalty looks different for each brand. First, you need to select what criteria for your definition of a loyal customer. This could be customers who:

Your best customers may also have some characteristics in common. For example, you may notice that your most loyal customers are most likely to purchase shoes and apparel. Then, you might then decide to create an ad for your shoe line and target it at similar buyers.

Create a segment of your best buyers

Once you’ve identified your loyal customers, the next step is to create a segment you can use to easily target your ads at a specific audience, instead of displaying them to everyone. With dynamic segmentation, you won’t have to keep updating this segment manually. Instead, customers will fall in and out of this segment as they meet (or stop meeting) your brand’s unique criteria for loyalty.

But what ad should you create for this segment? When you are thinking about creating an ad, you also need to keep in mind what your loyal customers respond to, as well as what your objective is for the campaign. We’ve written a bunch about great (and weird) Facebook ads, and what resonates with buyers via social ads. So if you need some inspiration, head there!

How do I sync my segment to Facebook and Google?

Once you’ve set up your segment and you have the creative for the ad done, it’s time to switch over to your favorite ad platform! You can sync this segment directly to your Facebook and Google ad accounts so you can start to target new audiences.

Facebook segment sync

Once you’ve created the segment in your B2C CRM, it can sync directly with Facebook’s ad platform to create a custom audience across both Facebook and Instagram.

If you want to target new customers who are similar to the ones in your segment then you need to enable a feature called Lookalike Audiences. To do this, you need to select “Lookalike Audience” in Facebook’s ad manager when you are creating a new ad.

This targeting is based on characteristics such as:

  • Interests (pages they like, for example)
  • Demographic data
  • Behavior

Because the customer list in Facebook has been synced to a dynamic customer segment in your CRM, the list is also continually updated. You don’t need to pause the campaign so you can manually update the list before restarting the ads again, saving tons of time. This also means that the ads are always relevant and targeting the correct group of people.

Facebook has requirements that you must meet when creating your segment if you want to use its Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience features. You need at least 20 individual email addresses in your segment, although more is even better. As is often true, the more data you provide, the better targeted the ads will be.

Google segment sync

Google works in a similar way to Facebook. When you have synced your loyal customer segment with your Google AdWords account, you will be able to access this list in the same way you would any other interests list. To do this, you need to select “Shared Library”, and then “Audiences”. Then, you can start targeting ads in this segment.

Like Facebook, Google also allows you to create lookalike audiences so that you can target customers who are similar to the loyal ones in the segment you synced. Again, the segment is updated automatically on a daily basis so you can keep your ads running without having to manually resync the list again and again.

But also be careful: Google’s technical requirements state that you must have 1000 emails in your segment to upload it. But don’t let that hold you back!

By creating a segment of your highest value customers and targeting ads at buyers who are similar to those customers, you can drive serious results. It’s just another way that your loyal customers can power your B2C marketing and help your brand grow.

This article was originally published by our friends at Zaius.

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