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Five Black-owned businesses using subscriptions

Logo design for diverse subscription-based businesses.

To celebrate Black History Month we wanted to showcase five Black-owned subscription businesses powered by ReCharge and the subscription products they offer to their customers.

Ranging from beauty and hair care, eco-friendly hygiene products, and kids books for important conversations, we are excited to share these amazing merchants with you! Let’s get started.

Izzy & Liv

Izzy & Liv is a 100% Black-owned lifestyle brand dedicated to celebrating Black women and Black culture through products that our a reflection of the things they love.

Izzy & Liv was founded in 2014 by Nicole W Brown. Her daughters, Isabel (Izzy) and Olvia (Liv), gave her the inspiration to create a clothing line that speaks to both Black women and little girls who want to see more of themselves in the mainstream. 

Their Brown Sugar Box is a curated box of exclusive new releases delivered to your doorstep by subscription every month full of graphic tees, accessories, decor and other items designed by and for women of color. 


Briogeo offers a full selection of natural haircare products that are fortified with hair healthy oils, antioxidants and vitamins.

Nancy Twine, founded Briogeo Hair Care out of her tiny East Village studio apartment using her grandmother’s coveted beauty recipes and a team of her rockstar natural chemists. She’d been dissatisfied with store-bought hair care products and wanted to create her own brand and with a high quality hair care collection that is  naturally based, yet performance driven to provide visible results.

Briogeo offers a variety of hair care products that can be purchased on subscription (with a 10% discount) as well as a dynamic rewards system that awards you points that can be redeemed later for larger discounts. 

Reel Paper

Reel is Tree-Free, Bamboo toilet paper that does good and feels good conveniently delivered to your door.

27,000 trees are cut down daily to make toilet paper. But Reel Paper is made from tree-free, 100% bamboo, making it a sustainable, eco-friendly toilet paper packaged with biodegradable shipping materials and plastic free packaging. 

Reel’s story began with cofounder Derin Oyekan witnessing first-hand some members of the community in his native Nigeria struggle without access to bathrooms. These life experiences drove him to co-found Reel, alongside Livio Bisterzo, to produce bamboo toilet paper tissue emphasizing environmental and social responsibility. 

Their premium bamboo toilet paper can be ordered on subscription (which unlocks free shipping in the contiguous United States). 


CURLBOX is the most affordable, exclusive and effortless way to explore new hair products with hand picked products for curly hair delivered to subscribers every month.

Founder Myleik Teele “went natural” more than 15 years ago and remembered driving 20 miles to buy an expensive product that she’d read “worked on everyone.” It didn’t and the product sat under her sink for years. 

Frustrated by the experience she wanted to create a brand that gave women the opportunity to try several quality products for the price of one. So she did just that with CURLBOX focused on being an exclusive, affordable and effortless way to explore hair care products delivered to your doorstep each month by subscription.

CURLBOX is a first come first serve subscription box where customers sign up for the waitlist to be notified when subscriptions open each month so you can snag your box of hand-selected curly hair products. 

A Kids Book About 

A growing collection of kids books on challenging, empowering, and important topics for kids ages 5+.

A Kids Book About, is a publishing company focusing on creating children’s books to help kids and their grownups have honest conversations about things that matter.

The brand began with co-founder and CEO, Jelani Memory writing the first book A Kids Book About Racism. As a Black father with a blended family, he wanted to write the book as a way to talk to his children about how racism affects people’s lives. He thought he’d only print one copy, but it turned out other grownups thought their kids could use an honest kids book on the topic. 

That one book turned into more by new authors on topics like belonging, feminism, gratitude, cancer, and so many more. Meet A Kids Book About, a new kind of publishing company that makes kids books that matter, because kids are ready.

They’re Book Box delivers important kids books by subscription either every 1, 2, or 3 months. You are also able to select how many books you’d like per box with free shipping and the ability to skip and box as often as you’d like.

Some titles they’ve covered so far are A Kids About Money, A Kids Book About Belonging, A Kids Book About Feminism and more. 

We hope you enjoyed a look at the Black-owned brand’s featured in February’s Merchants of The Month post. Come back to the ReCharge blog at the start of every month to see what new brands we are highlighting.

Special thanks to our friends at ReCharge Payments for their insights on this topic.
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