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Flexibility And Extensibility To Take Your WordPress Checkout Further



Brands using WordPress for their ecommerce stores value the breadth of customization and flexibility available to them. With WordPress, merchants can add plugins or make major or minor changes to the source code to create unique, product-first shopping experiences.

The tens of thousands of plugins offered to brands on WordPress gives them the ability to layer best-in-breed integrations to meet their needs, whether complex or simple. If there’s any area of an online store that can take advantage of high-performance technology, it’s the checkout area. Fast-moving retailers should seek to innovate their checkout technology, especially when they learn cart abandonment rates can be as high as 78% and checkout abandonment rates at 48% for desktop and 58% for mobile, according to The Checkout Benchmark.

In the checkout, a plugin-rich environment creates a new set of challenges. Too many plugins that often are incompatible with each other can slow down performance. Plugins can introduce security vulnerabilities if maintenance is not done regularly by developers This can give rise to further complexity: A big cache of plugins often results in a lack of support and difficulty in establishing a clear roadmap for functionality.

Ensuring the checkout process is fine-tuned for the shopper experience should be a priority for brands. After all, customers expect frictionless end-to-end shopping journeys, and brands want to do as much as they can to help smooth out any bumps on that road.

That’s where Bold’s Checkout Experience Suite comes in. As a checkout leader for ecommerce brands, Bold is fully in sync with the needs of brands operating on WordPress. As the world’s most popular content management system powering 34% of all websites, with more than 500 websites being built each day on the CMS, WordPress benefits from plugins that deliver results to their passionate customers.

Integrated with WordPress, Bold Checkout’s API-first architecture allows enterprise brands to design a completely customized, flexible checkout or run with a wide range of out-of-the-box features. It can also help integrate easily with an ecosystem of leading technologies and best-in-breed partners. 

Levelling up your site performance

Customizing the checkout experience has long been associated with benefits, such as increased conversion and stronger brand loyalty. When enterprise brands address their dynamic business requirements — such as BOPIS, complex pricing, and subscriptions— customization and flexibility are two key ingredients for successful checkout experiences. 

Bold Checkout is a single, lean plugin built to withstand high traffic volumes and boost site speed while protecting against 30% of potential lost revenue. The plugin can offer brands:

  • Extensive customization through robust features such as taxes, shipping, and integration with other plugins
  • Flexibility and extensibility to allow for redesigning or tweaking checkout to address evolving business needs
  • Architected to be compatible with other tools on WordPress
  • Exemplary performance and scaling ability, running four times faster than the default WooCommerce checkout on WordPress.
  • Security protection with full PCI DSS Level 1 and SOC2 compliance handling by Bold. 

Checkout customization brought to life

Designing a powerful, entirely customizable checkout will allow you to scale endlessly, selling more, in more channels. How? Here are a few examples of checkout optimization capabilities sure to be game changers for enterprise brands on WordPress:

  • One-click checkout: Add a one-click checkout to absolutely any channel such as a product page or blog post so shoppers can purchase with an Amazon-like experience at the height of interest. 
  • Delivery options: Add BOPIS to the checkout without adding yet another plugin and putting checkout performance at risk. 
  • Subscriptions: Create and configure any subscription imaginable and convert one time transactions into recurring revenue with Bold Subscriptions. 
  • Complex pricing: Expand pricing and promotions to serve multiple customer segments with different price points on the same product. 

Bold’s Checkout Experience Suite channels the most innovative checkout technology to give enterprise brands a fully customized, seamless checkout experience that inspires conversion in any shoppable channel, amplifies lifetime customer lifetime value and fosters stronger long-term relationships with customers. 

Are you ready to transform your WordPress site into a heavyweight ecommerce brand? If you want to explore the Bold Checkout Experience Suite on WordPress, contact us and we will send over access.

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This originally appeared on Bold Commerce and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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