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Founding Principles: My Favorite Shopify Resources & Communities


One of the best things about Shopify is that you’re not the only one using it. When you have a question, there’s probably already an answer somewhere out there.

Given how many resources exist, sometimes finding the right one can be like trying to pick a needle out of a haystack.

So, as an eight-year Shopify veteran, I decided to categorize my favorite resources and communities that I’ve found along the way.

Facebook Groups

Call it the new town square. When COVID-19 hit, usage of Facebook Groups went up 3.3x. That partially explains why there are 1.8 billion total users who use this feature. In March of 2020, 38% of Facebook users reported using Facebook more due to the coronavirus. Simply put, even as the world shut down, people still needed to connect.

Groups like Shopify Entrepreneurs are active daily. It’s not hard to see why with their 117,000 members, including entrepreneurs, store managers, app developers, and even Shopify’s employees. 

One reason Facebook groups are so popular is because of the specificity of each group. Over at Shopify Partners, for example, over 70,000 followers focus on Shopify’s 3rd party ecosystem. That includes Shopify’s affiliates and those offering expert services for merchants.

Shopify App Developers also congregate on Facebook. So do merchants looking to share insights into eCommerce Strategy as a whole.


Prefer listening to reading? You won’t find any shortage of Shopify podcasts.

eCommerce Fastlane, the long-running podcast from Shopify employee Steve Hutt focuses on eCommerce strategy for Shopify stores. While the Shopify gurus at Ethercycle host the excellent Unofficial Shopify Podcast and cover just about everything related to the Shopify universe.

Shopify hosts two great podcasts, Shopify Masters and Resilient Retail, to talk exclusively about the platform.

Some podcasts focus more on the eCommerce space as a whole. Take Honest eCommerce, for example, or the Bootstrapped Experience. In the latter case, Jack and Bjorn talk about Shopify and the app development experience at large. 

And shows like Commerce Tea and Own Your Commerce are great all-around podcasts for anyone looking to learn more about the entire industry.


Our New Apps Newsletter rounds up the latest Shopify apps each week and delivers them in bite-sized form, perfect for reading over your morning coffee. 

Are you looking for industry news? At the DTC newsletter, you’ll find closer examinations of specific campaigns and Direct-to-Consumer brands that are making news. Nik Sharma, CEO of Sharma brands, shares the insights he’s learned from working with some of the most recognizable stars in DTC. And finally, 2PM and the DTC Briefing from ModernRetail round out your inbox with spot-on analysis on the trends and changes that are taking place.


Maybe you’re not one for more emails in the inbox. It just so happens that Slack reduces the need for emails by 32%, making a live Slack channel an attractive alternative for those who like to keep their inboxes clean.

eCommTalk, for example, is a great place to find Shopify news and discussion. Shopify Partners handles the same for a more specific niche.


After posting all of your funny feline memes, be sure to drop by /r/Shopify and check out this active community of over 100,000 subscribers. Topics include a weekly “promote your Shopify business” to get your name out there.

The official Shopify Community is another place to stop by if you need quick answers. There, you’ll find over 800,000 members keeping the forums active! Then, seek out some quality free advice and reviews from the friendly folks at EcommerceTech.

Is finding the right community for you a bit like finding a needle in a haystack? For sure! But since there is a community for every aspect of the Shopify experience, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding like-minded people to learn from.

Ryan O’Donnell

CMO @ ShopPad

Special thanks to our friends at ShopPad for their insights on this topic.
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