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Four Cybersecurity Tips To Protect Your Shopify Account

A man implementing cybersecurity tips while sitting at a desk with two laptops in front of him.

There are many things to consider when starting up or maintaining a Shopify account; some are more obvious than others.

People often think about the importance of descriptions and taking quality pictures of merchandise, but cybersecurity is one of the most critical aspects that can often be overlooked.

Many people may falsely assume that because Shopify is a secure service with anti-hacking and other measures in place, all of the security aspects have already been taken care of, and they need something to do.

However, there are still a few essential tips to keep in mind that will help secure your online store. Here are a few significant things to remember when setting up or maintaining a Shopify seller's account.

Create a Unique Password for Your Storefront

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Cybersecurity Expert Hari Ravichandran stated, “People don’t think about a lot of the basic views from which your data can get exploited. They’ll use the same password, for example, over and over and over again.”

He further explained that using the same password means that if one website has a security breach and your password is leaked, all the other websites that use the same email address and password are at risk.

Ravichandran is the founder and CEO of multiple successful international corporations. One of them is Aura, an AI-powered cybersecurity service that provides people and their families with financial fraud and identity theft protection, as well as much more.

After a 2014 incident where he became the victim of identity theft, he founded the company to prevent others from suffering the same fate. Today, Aura protects millions of clients worldwide and produced millions of dollars in revenue last year.

Use Two Factor Authentication

In the same interview, Ravichandran explained that although two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the best ways to protect an account, most people still need to. Many people think it requires “too much work” and is not worth the risk, even though they recognize that cybercrime is a significant threat.

2FA involves using a login such as an email address and a username and, either instead of or in addition to a password, a message or code is sent to a mobile device or email address associated with the account, which provides the highest level of security.

Only Download Files from Trusted Sources

Although more Americans believe cybercrime to be a more significant threat than climate change or COVID-19, according to a 2021 Harris Poll survey, many people still download files or programs without verifying their source, especially those who use BitTorrent clients or other file-sharing software.

These files can contain harmful viruses, backdoors, or keyloggers that can reveal your Shopify password to hackers. They can then use that data to exploit your account and potentially transfer your hard-earned sales dollars into their accounts.

Don't Open Emails from Unknown Senders

Another one that seems obvious, but many still do anyway, is opening emails from unknown senders. These can look like real emails but often have attachments or other nefarious features that can compromise your personal, business, and financial data.

If you receive an email announcing you won a contest you don't remember entering, messages from purportedly beautiful women who want to speak with you, or receipts for purchases you don't reflect making, it's possible that these are scams. Some emails have tiny images embedded in them, likely invisible to the naked eye, but if a hacker sees that the image has loaded and you've opened the email, they'll know your email is valid, and you could become their next target.

Final Thoughts

Although many people are concerned about cybersecurity, they are sometimes willing to ensure their data is secure. This can create vulnerabilities and produce disastrous results for individuals and their businesses.

Reusing passwords, downloading files from unknown sources, not using two-factor authentication, and opening emails from unknown senders can risk your Shopify account and store income. However, good cybersecurity practices and constant vigilance can reduce those threats and prevent hackers from disrupting your business.

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