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Fraud Sucks! Fight Back With Shopify Protect, Shop Pay’s Free Fraud Protection


Fraud takes away from your time, revenue, and growth. Whether you're kickstarting a new business or scaling an existing one, costs from fraudulent chargebacks can hinder growth and hurt your bottom line.

In 2021 alone, approximately $20 billion in e-commerce losses were reported in the US due to online payment fraud.

As a Shopify business, you already have access to our world-class fraud algorithm, which uses machine learning and data across our network to catch fraud and secure your business daily. Now, we're doubling down on our focus on fraud so that you can spend less time-fighting fraud and more time on growth.

Starting today, you’ll receive free fraud protection on Shop Pay, our one-click checkout, with Shopify Protect. Shopify Protect is now in early access, securing businesses like yours against fraud-based chargebacks on Shop Pay transactions.

For any eligible orders paid for using Shop Pay, we’ll automatically cover the cost of the order and chargeback fee on fraudulent transactions. Shopify Protect will be available to all eligible US-based Shopify stores with Shop Pay active by the end of May.

Convert more buyers and secure your business with Shop Pay

Shopify Protect is available at no additional charge on eligible Shop Pay transactions for businesses in the US. Shop Pay is the number one accelerated checkout on Shopify in the US, with more than 100 million buyers on Shop and Shop Pay.

Together, Shop Pay and Shopify Protect offer a fast, high-converting checkout that converts 1.72 times better than standard checkouts and a free safeguard that shields your business against fraud.

Businesses collectively spend countless hours reviewing orders, checking Shopify’s fraud analysis, and potentially turning away good customers based on the fear of fraud. The future of commerce should be fraud-free, and Shopify Protect is an important step forward in making that a reality.

? Benefits of Shopify Protect

  • Keep your business safe. Shopify's network uses data and machine learning to catch fraud and secure your business every day.
  • Fulfill without fear. Orders marked as “Protection active” by Shopify Protect are ready and safe to fulfill, helping you get orders out faster.
  • ​​Earn back more hours. Spend far less time reviewing orders for fraud and chasing down chargeback issues; focus on growing your business instead.
  • Save your hard earned cash. Shopify Protect will cover the costs of any fraud-based chargebacks on eligible Shop Pay transactions, whether you sell through your Shopify store or on social channels like Facebook or Instagram.
  • Access the world’s best checkout. Since Shopify Protect is available for businesses using Shop Pay, you’ll also unlock the power of the internet’s best accelerated checkout.

Plus, unlike other providers, we don't block any orders at checkout. We leave the decision to fulfill the order to you.

Image of an order that is protected from fraud

? How do I access Shopify Protect?

Both Shopify Protect and Shop Pay are included for free as part of Shopify Payments, the easiest way to get paid from within Shopify.

By enabling Shopify Payments, you get access to a world-class payment provider and all of our fraud features. Shopify Payments includes a wide range of popular payment methods, 3D secure checkouts, fraud analysis, automated dispute management, and more. Learn more about setting up Shopify Payments.

Once you’ve activated Shopify Payments, here’s how to access Shopify Protect:

  • If you already have Shop Pay, you don’t need to do anything—Shopify Protect is already turned on for your store!
  • If you have Shopify Payments but not Shop Pay, just turn on Shop Pay at no additional cost and Shopify Protect will be activated automatically.

Activate Shop Pay

Already have Shop Pay? Learn more about Shopify Protect.

For further information on being eligible for protection, visit our help center. Read the terms and conditions for a full explanation of eligibility.

This originally appeared on Shopify and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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